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Let’s go Nuts!

As you can see, I’m a bit nuts about nuts and plant-based “dairy” :).

Plant-based alternatives to dairy have really come along way! I use whipped up cashews to thicken soups and make them creamy (no one can believe it’s not dairy cream). I use powdered coconut milk in my coffee and it is delicious! (but if you don’t like coconut flavor…you won’t like it). The real superstar of the show is nondairy ice creams. I tell everyone within earshot to TRY these vegan ice creams before reaching for traditional ice creams.

Please share your dairy free adventures and/or what’s your go-to indulgence in dairy free wonderland? Spill the beans or should I say “nuts” on this post.
Stay nutty! xoAmy p.s. I’m in the process of putting together my dairy-free Amazon Favorites! And here is a wiz bang of an ice cream!

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13 comments on “Let’s go Nuts!

  1. David Clark

    I’ve enjoyed various dairy free “Ice Cream” since I became lactose intolerant. They’re so easy to find these days! Now I need to convince these companies to make more low calorie selections.

  2. My favorite with cereal is almond milk. I love soy milk in smoothies. The chocolate soy milk is so chocolatey and delicious you’d never know it wasn’t cow milk. 💕

  3. I’ve been a vegan for 27 years. I love my Silk Soy Vanilla milk. I’ve tried other flavors but don’t care for them as much as the soy vanilla. I also love So Delicious Soy Vanilla frozen dessert. I guess I’m a soy-vanilla type! Haha. Thank you for sharing about non-dairy milk!

  4. Terri Gordy

    I just bought a Kite Hill dairy-free Greek yogurt, but haven’t I tried it yet. I love Greek yogurt for the protein as I’m not much of a meat eater but now I’m on a medication that doesn’t play well with dairy products. I am an almond milk drinker and like it on cereal but not by itself. I love the So Delicious dairy free ice cream products. Has anyone tried pea milk? It has tons of protein and 50% more calcium than dairy milk. I haven’t tried it but am interested in it.

    • Wendy Nichols

      I tried pea protein milk, let’s just say it would be an acquired taste. I did not care for it. It left a weird aftertaste and the milk seemed watery. I tried the pea protein coffee creamer too, that was a yuk also. I do use pea protein powder for smoothies with any other nut milk and it’s good.

  5. Almond milk is wonderful in coffee! And the difference in calories is mind blowing. I haven’t had cow milk in decades and do not miss it. Try it!

  6. Sarah Parrott

    I love unsweetened vanilla almond milk on my cereal.

  7. My 2 Morkie boys love to lick the spoon I measure my coconut oil ( solid) for my pea protein shake . Its actually good for them too:) Antibacterial/antiviral etc I personally love ALL nuts & have 1 Brazil nut a day for the selenium -as I have Thyroid Hashimotos . XO Amy

  8. Gabrielle Peak

    Nuts are a staple in our household. As a vegetarian, they are a main protein source & are so tasty in any way one likes to eat them. We’re nuts about nuts! 😁 They aren’t just for holiday cooking anymore.

  9. Gloria Yerger

    Thank you for sharing all this information. I’m trying to be more plant-based but it’s difficult so you’ve been very helpful.

    • I’m so glad this has helped you a little bit! It really can be challenging at times. I just found a wonderful food blog with lots of delicious recipes (I make one of the lentil soups every week!). The author is a registered nutritionist/dietician, so the recipes have the proper amount of protein, etc.


    I understand the point, but what about ALL the water (another valuable resource) that is required to turn it into “milk”?

    • This is actually a California draught almond debate that has been circulating for years. Juxtaposed to other agriculture, the almond is quite innocent. I don’t have all the facts at hand, but I do know that livestock feed uses about 75% more water every year than almonds and other nuts. Nuts & Seeds are little powerhouses that I celebrate in this cartoon for anyone interested:). xoAmy


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