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10 comments on “Leaving

  1. This is exactly how it works at my house…every single time.

  2. Sherry Mangold

    You nailed it! The guilt, the guilt when I have to leave them!

  3. Paula Grandon

    Oh my goodness, this is how I live. 😘

  4. Kim Jones-Stein

    YEP!!! I agree!

  5. Amy, can you make this one into a Print as well ? This would be fantastic at my front door. Thanks for the smiles and laughs.

  6. It’s gotten so that it doesn’t feel right to go out without them. I feel like I’m leaving a toddler home alone. When my husband brings up going away on vacation, I tense up. It can be to the nicest of places and with the best accommodations. All I can think of is how sad they’re going to feel when they don’t see me all day and how I’m going to miss them as well.

  7. Christina Mccoy

    So sweet! I can sure relate!!❤️❤️❤️

  8. Marty Sosa

    Exactly me, actually both my husband and me…for 27 years of dogs and cats! We are animal care givers now for a handful of regulars who frequently travel, so we definitely get lots of unconditional love from our surrogate pups and kitties, but walking into an empty house is just that…empty😩

    • Isn’t that the truth. Without animals in the house it feels dead to me. A big dead void. That’s why I have Amy’s print in my house. “There’s Always Room For One More”.

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