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More Kisses

This is why I’m never on time…


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13 comments on “More Kisses

  1. Stephanie Dunlop

    Thank you for this lovely cartoon. We lost our dear little Yorkie in 2021. He and we had seperation anxiety, so 99.9% of the time, the 3 of us were together. I love all your cartoons! xxx

  2. What’s so great about being on time anyway? I’ve tried it…it wasn’t worth it.

  3. Sherry Mangold

    Jo, You are definitely more thorough with the “good byes” than I am. You spend more time with your 4 than I do with my 6! My guys, having read your reply, will now probably start complaining!

  4. 💗 sherry mangold I have 4 dogs and I’m the same. People always tell me ½hr before the required right time. And I’m still late!!! 💋🐶💋 😄😄

  5. Sherry Mangold

    I have 6 dogs: 1 greyhound, 3 Galgos, and 2 little guys from the local shelter. I have to allow 20 minutes to get out the door because of the routine you so aptly illustrated!

  6. Jill Bailey

    Thanks oh thank you so much for this today! We had the unfortunate occurrence of my sweet little Kerbal the wonderpup locking me out of our minivan as I was at the Redbox dropping off a movie- it was harrowing (but safe, not running, not too hot or cold-just separation anxiety for both of us) until the locksmith came and we could be reunited!!!

  7. Christina McCoy


  8. OMG, yes❣❣

  9. So sweet 😍, so true!

  10. Oh how I loved giving my Miss Morgan kisses! Especially the kisses in the soft spot between her eyes–I called it her “sweet spot”. Thanks for the lovely cartoon!

  11. Angie Price

    Okay I have one “KISSER”, one “WINER” and one “WAGGER”. Each shows me love a little differently.

  12. ..

  13. 100% accurate!

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