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More Kisses

This is why I’m never on time…


10 comments on “More Kisses

  1. 100% accurate!

  2. ..

  3. Angie Price

    Okay I have one “KISSER”, one “WINER” and one “WAGGER”. Each shows me love a little differently.

  4. Oh how I loved giving my Miss Morgan kisses! Especially the kisses in the soft spot between her eyes–I called it her “sweet spot”. Thanks for the lovely cartoon!

  5. So sweet 😍, so true!

  6. OMG, yes❣❣

  7. Christina McCoy


  8. Sherry Mangold

    I have 6 dogs: 1 greyhound, 3 Galgos, and 2 little guys from the local shelter. I have to allow 20 minutes to get out the door because of the routine you so aptly illustrated!

  9. 💗 sherry mangold I have 4 dogs and I’m the same. People always tell me ½hr before the required right time. And I’m still late!!! 💋🐶💋 😄😄

  10. Sherry Mangold

    Jo, You are definitely more thorough with the “good byes” than I am. You spend more time with your 4 than I do with my 6! My guys, having read your reply, will now probably start complaining!

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