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Fireworks! (video & gif)

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10 comments on “Fireworks! (video & gif)

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  2. Google “country’s in Europe go with fireworks without noise”. I saw it last year. Pretty cool. There’s still hope for the USA. However, we really don’t need the added gunpowder to our atmosphere, either.

  3. Our dogs get so frightened by the fireworks. We never leave our home during the week of fireworks out here.

  4. My dog hides in a closet, shaking with fear. Please bring your dogs into your home or garage. Do not leave them outside. Many of them run off never to be seen again.

  5. Cindy P

    ErinC, you are not the only one sensitive to noise. I, and my dog, hate this time of year!

  6. Pam Liljenquist

    There are cities opting for laser shows on the 4th of July, instead of fireworks! Great idea for all! ❤️🐶❤️

  7. It does seem like we should start some kind of no-fireworks-on-the-4th movement. As someone who is extremely sensitive to noise, fireworks is just as painful to me as to a lot of pups, and I know I can’t be the only one!

    • Elizabeth

      Hi, Erin, you are not the only one. A “simple” surgery left me with nerve damage in one ear. It’s been years and years, yet I still cannot handle loud noise. No matter where we go, it seems as if every community finds a way to use fireworks multiple times a year. I use a soft pillow and strong meds. I also spray calming feline hormones for my cats and have wraps for the dogs. We all stay in our darkish bedroom set at cool temperature and put on soothing white noise. I also do an awful lot of praying for rain! I can only hope for laser shows in the future. Please don’t forget you are never alone…your furry family feels for you too.😺🐶🐱

  8. Absolutely brilliant


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