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7 comments on “Keep us Safe. Keep us Inside!

  1. laddieluv

    ..my current senior rescue (she rescued me last September 27 + she turned 10 this past April) is the first dog EVER in my life (I’m 75 ☺) who is not scared..
    nor does she react at all to firecrackers..

    ..they’ve been going off for weeks in my neighborhood (central MN)..
    they are making me crazy..
    ..but for her? nothing..

    so I’m grateful..

    ..but for all the other babies
    my heart hurts for them..
    ..as I remember all the care taken to guard my angel dogs against the noise + fear..

  2. Try to turn up radio or TV. They get so scared.😥

  3. Christina McCoy

    Please keep our babies safe!❤️

  4. Sidney Bailey

    Both Deputy Fred and Sailor are so disturbed by fireworks or had weather.. The 3 of us will settle in on the couch for however long it’s needed.. Might as well grab a pillow and blanket. 🐘

  5. Gabrielle Peak

    We must protect our Lil Darlings from fear during 4th of July festivities. The small town in which I live have outlawed fireworks b/o fire hazards.

  6. Ann Danz

    So true to life! Keep the fur babies away from the chaos. Get the thunder jackets out!

  7. Barbara Johnson

    Love this


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