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Seniors (Forever Puppies) Need…


5 comments on “Seniors (Forever Puppies) Need…

  1. laddieluv

    How precious..
    and true..

  2. Christina Mccoy

    Good advice! ❤️❤️❤️

  3. Love this so much!!

  4. Oh my goodness, this looks just like my senior rescue Pom, Henry!! How wonderful!

  5. So true! Senior dogs do not need to be house trained. They love comfort…whether it is an extra soft, but supportive, doggie bed, a lap or just being by your feet or side. And most of all…….they want “to be loved” more than anything. We lost our big terrier a couple of months ago and because he was 30 plus pounds, I realized I can no longer lift a dog from a tub to a grooming table (I groom my own dogs). So we have two rescues…one is a senior and the other little guy is part Silky terrier/Australian Terrier and full of life. He is about seven. He recently passed his therapy dog test so he will have a “job”. Ohhhhhh and most importantly….this little guy does not have any eyes. They had to be removed due to ulceration. Dogs “adjust” much easier to a “handicap” than humans. He runs in his big backyard; he jumps up in our laps. He is full of life and love for laps.

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