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Animals Are My Favorite Kind Of People

They really are – don’t you think?

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19 comments on “Animals Are My Favorite Kind Of People

  1. Roberta Limoli

    I just love all your cartoons….

  2. Yes I agree and I love the video
    I work for an airline and my favorite passengers are the animals

  3. LOVE!!!!!

  4. Animals are my kind of people too…😍❀ Love you Red and Howling, your posts and email s always make me smile (and sometimes cry) ❀ xXx 😘😘

  5. Barbara Cannova

    With all the horror we read about and see every day, Red & Howling is my daily dose of hope for a better world!

  6. Every new cartoon of yours becomes my favorite! πŸ’–

  7. Laurie Hammeke

    I LOVE this!! A print of the little buildings with the animals in the windows would be a real delight! I love ALL your work!

  8. Jen Frame


  9. Jocelyn Brett

    Love love this as I do all of your cartoons πŸ’–πŸ’–

  10. Jana & Zoey

    This is fabulous! Animals rock!

  11. HowlingHeidi

    I love this one so much. Dogs have brought me more happiness than anyone in my life and always will.

  12. Doslittlechihuahuas

    Oh my gosh I ❀️ this! Lola is flying the plane!!! You can’t help but smile watching thisπŸ˜€β€οΈπŸΎ.

  13. A world without furkids??? I don’t think so. I’d be lost without mine. BTW, I LOVE your cartoons and humor. <3

  14. Kelley terrinca

    Can you make this a print for purchase
    I would love to get it

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