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Never Underestimate The Importance Of A Good Poop

{sound on} It’s true, you can learn a lot about your pet’s overall health by becoming a poop sleuth.  You can get my handy poop chart on my new Red & Howling Community under the Pet Safety & Wellness section – I created it to help people keep their fur kids healthy and safe!


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9 comments on “Never Underestimate The Importance Of A Good Poop

  1. Michael Reed

    Hii can I get permission to use the first 4 seconds of this in a youtube project please (not a business channel just personal entertainment)

  2. Every morning it is all about poop for me. Cat poop , dog poop & Horse poop.

  3. Honestly my daughter could watch that for hours

  4. Michelle

    When I take my Pom Heidi on a walk she poops on the go so she doesn’t miss anything. I don’t even know it’s happening she does it so well. So I have to keep looking behind us so I don’t miss picking it up. I wish she pooped like the dog above !

  5. Ina Bowen

    Do you have this in a print that can be purchased?

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