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Happy 4th of July!

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8 comments on “Happy 4th of July!

  1. Cathy Panus

    I Have suggestion for fireworks & thunder scaring dogs I learned years & multiple dogs ago, which Really works. (Don’t know about cats.) —– When the loud noise occurs, dance around saying things like “whoo hoo! It s a party!” When dog sees you happy & playing, dog realizes booms are No Big Deal — they take their cue from us. The Last thing you want to do is coddle, cuddle, & “poor baby” them, no matter how much you want to. —- It’s hard, sometime, just like raising a child.


    Thunder shirts work well or a regular snug fitting old t- shirt.

  3. The 4th is my father in laws bday as well -yep – cool date for a birthday huh ??

    Part of the festivities included watching from the backyard the sights the city put on.with the cake eating , About 4 years ago my first of 2 fur baby dogs ,aged 6 at the time, started getting crazy startled at fireworks (Not before though )
    Out of despair to calm I put them in the car & drove around with my cassettes playing ( yeah you know my age 🤣🤣) til it was over. Now its tradition for us 🥳.

    PLEASE leave the fireworks to the professional display

    HATE M80’s & someone always ruins the night

  4. Happy Independence Day!

  5. Thank you for all your lovely art! My dogs & cats will be inside, with calming music & treats!

  6. My Red barks like crazy when they go off. Makes us crazy too. We turn up the radio and that helps a lot. Happy Safe 4th to all.

  7. Thank you. My three cats will be terrified….they are always inside, but run for the safety of a dark closet when the fire works begin. Poor babies…

  8. Sidney Bailey

    My 2 hate the sound of fireworks and rain/thunder. Either couch day or climb on top of me night.. They think that they’re saving me! 🐘


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