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Create a world where every Celebration includes the Happiness & Security of EVERYONE

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Join me in reimagining the way we celebrate! While fireworks may dazzle some, they pose a tragic risk for many, from our beloved pets to veterans and others who suffer from PTSD.

Did you know that more pets go missing on July 4th than any other time of the year? They bolt from yards, homes, cars, backyard BBQs, and firework celebrations. Let’s change this now!

Keep your fur kids safe:

First and foremost, if you are attending firework displays—LEAVE your pets at home where they feel most secure. Or better yet…

Stay home and snuggle up indoors (don’t forget pet ID tags!) and shield them from the overwhelming noise.

Pets might resort to desperate measures to find safety, so take precautions—don’t leave gates and doors open, shut pets behind closed doors when answering the front door, crate and use a leash for more control.

Increase the ambient noise with soothing music or white noise to help drown out fireworks.

Close curtains to create a cozy and serene environment.

Calming Tips:

The amazing Tellington TTouch**: a simple, effective treatment that I use on my pups all the time!  TTouch isn’t just about relaxing your dog — this is a holistic approach to improving your pet’s overall well-being and health!

I’ve also heard many pet parents say Thundershirt or similar product has helped soothe their anxious fur kids. If you’re handy with a sewing machine you can purchase this pattern and make your own anxiety shirt—it is only $4.45 for the pattern which is a big cost savings from the $50+ Thundershirt! Get the pattern here!

There are many natural calming remedies to help soothe an anxious pet’s nerves without reaching for pharmaceuticals with harmful side effects.  It is very hard to recommend any particular one because every pet is unique. I’ve personally given my pups L-theanine*, Bach’s Rescue Remedy, Melatonin, and CBD with varying degrees of success. I encourage you to do some research on any of the following: Valerian, L-Theanine*, Bach’s Rescue Remedy, Calming treats and biscuits with a combination of calming supplements, CBD /Hemp oil (which can also help with joint pain), and Melatonin. And PLEASE share your suggestions in the comments below!

Extreme anxiety cases may call for professional guidance‚ consult your veterinarian for prescription sedatives if necessary.

Let’s create a world where every celebration includes the happiness and security of EVERYONE, including our cherished pets. Together, we can make a difference. Choose love, choose safety, and make this year’s festivities a joyous occasion for all, both big and small! #CelebrateWithCare #PetsDeserveSafety x0Amy

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*L-theanine  is a type of amino acid with some evidence showing its effective at reducing anxiety in dogs. Because of its safety, and the low risk of side effects, it is a popular remedy for pet parents who don’t want to give their dog prescription medicines.  

**TTouch is a form of touch therapy created in 1978 by Linda Tellington Jones, an equestrian with a long-standing interest in rehabilitation therapy techniques. 

With the application of TTouch on her horses, Tellington-Jones began to notice that her horses were more relaxed and demonstrated more grounded responses. She continued developing this simple massage technique and segued into working with other animals, including dogs. In a nutshell, TTouch “stimulates the function and vitality of the cells in an animal’s body, and activates unused neural pathways to the brain.” TTouch is a simple light massage technique that is very effective in reducing anxiety in pets.

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5 comments on “Create a world where every Celebration includes the Happiness & Security of EVERYONE

  1. Don W Hutchinson

    Got my Sierra used to the noise. We still don’t get close to anything loud, to protect the ears

  2. Shannon K.

    As ALWAYS Amy, you’re right on Point.. Being out in the Country People who don’t want to buy fireworks, will just fire off their guns. It wouldn’t be too bad if they would just keep it to the 4th only – But they will start this weekend and go through to the 4th. I just purchased a new container “Quiet Moments” for my two little guys. My cat who has his own Cat door to bsmt. Will stay hidden until July 5th.
    A Happy Safe & Hopefully “Quiet” 4th to Everyone.. 🐶 🐱 🇺🇸

  3. Thank you, Amy; this is perfect. People around us have been trying out their fireworks in broad daylight; no thought of who they may scare and send into a panic. My cats are, pretty much, staying under the bed these days. I made copies of the Fireworks and Pets download (thank you!) to put on the community mailboxes in my neighborhood. Hoping it will ger some folks to think about what they are doing, and take it easy leading up to, and past the 4th. I never go out on the 4th; my gang needs to feel safe!

  4. Thank you for this Ms Amy. As they gotten oder my fur babies have become fearful so we spend the night cruising in the car playing music & it helps greatly. Happy 4th of July 🥳🐶🎈

  5. Nicoletta Paul

    Such lovely colors but such a sad subject. My dog is very scared of any kind of shooting (fireworks, hunters, traditional shooting – we live in Bavaria and they like to fire gunshots during certain ceremonies) and thunder. He just found out that the top end of my bed is the safest place (obviously), so he officially is allowed in bed for certain occasions…


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