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Oh, goodness…

What’s your favorite spot?

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14 comments on “Oh, goodness…

  1. So sweet and adorable!!😍🐶🥰🐶

  2. Every spot on my Beagle Boy is adorable! I kiss my Boki all over.

  3. Linda from Ohio

    Sweetness! <3

  4. Amber Gentry

    Oh yes, never enough kisses for my Basset ladies!

  5. Katalin H Heymann

    I always tell my Kissy Girl that I love to give sweet stinky kisses on her sweet little head because she loves to give me sweet stinky kisses on my stinky toes. She’s licked my toes since she was a puppy. As a puppy she’d get carried away and nibble on my baby toes putting as much in her mouth as she could. I’d scold her NO! Those are mommy’s toes and not little sausages. She got it after awhile, but I still smile remembering those days of sudden pain when a little toe bite startled me due to sharp puppy teeth.🙀💕

  6. Everywhere and every hair on them ! 💗🐾💕🐶
    There’s only 2 places I ‘ don’t ‘ kiss 🤔😏

  7. Kisses all 💋😘😘 the time on ears and head.

  8. Amelia Smith

    The wrinkly place on his neck between his ear and shoulder. It was my favorite spot to kiss.

  9. Aww .. SO cute!! Top of head & belly when fresh out of groomers😘🐶🐶😘

  10. I love this! I kiss my dogs all of the time and they love it!

  11. Kim Johnson

    I love this! Makes me so happy

  12. Adorable! For my kitty girls – top of the head only.

  13. Barbara Johnson


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