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We’re Really Not So Different

Choose love. Choose kindness..

Happy Birthday & Adoptaversary @lexy_the_elderbull! Thank you for always championing the ineffable, irreplaceable pit bull.  And through Lexy’s constant companion and sidekick—Bruce the shark—raising awareness about the plight of sharks and our delicate, majestic oceans.  We love you!

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7 comments on “We’re Really Not So Different

  1. We are all a part of a magical and perfect Mother Nature that needs to be tenderly loved in all of her shapes and sizes. Thank you Amy for reminding us.

  2. Stephanie McCurry

    A new favorite! Love this! And Happy Birthday and Adoptiversary to your beautiful girl!!

  3. SOO sweet & really, what matters!!!!😍

  4. Kimberlee Jones

    Oh, so wonderful! Thank you once again Amy!

  5. Simply beautiful and perfect timing in our world right now about how the importance of kindness and finding common ground.💕

  6. Mom Barnett

    Thank You for the Reminder ‼️❤️ Love This ❤️

  7. This is such a sweet cartoon about loving kindness between animals. It makes me feel so warm inside. Animals act on instinct never malice nor hatred.


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