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PitBull: The Velvety-Soft Wonder


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October is Pitbull Awareness/Appreciation Month! Pitbulls are incredibly sweet souls who are wildly misunderstood—unjust stereotypes and widespread misconceptions prevail. With love, nurturing, and compassionate training, pitbulls make exceptional additions to many families (including my own). It’s vital to recognize that it’s the humans, not the dogs, who should be held accountable.

Pitbulls (and ALL dogs) deserve love, kindness, understanding, and a good life

Illustration of my pit bull advocate pal, Malibu! (@malibusmama on instagram)

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5 comments on “PitBull: The Velvety-Soft Wonder

  1. Mu looks so cute as a cartoon! Her white toes, bandana and waggy tail! Oh my gosh, this is wonderful! What a special piece, thank you!

  2. Awww that’s lovely they need lots of support 💖

  3. Colleen Blake

    So so very sweet !

  4. Bagley + BarkleyQ

    The Province of Ontario banned pit bulls – so stupid 🙁

  5. Debra Jackson

    love this !!!!

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