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7 comments on “Dog Savior

  1. Gabrielle Peak

    Dogs are saviors. We adopted another Beagle 1 year after our Zuzu was killed by a car. It was so healing for all 3 of us. The unconditional love of a beloved dog is such a marvelous thing!

  2. Sidney Bailey

    Lots of comfort and companionship especially now… Free hugs and sloppy kisses 🐘

  3. Thank you. ❤🐾

  4. Beverly Stevens

    My dogs, past and present, have saved my life. People don’t understand that I mean that literally. Tthey have, in the darkest of days, and there have been many, given me a reason to get out of bed, to go outside. They have absorbed many tears in their fur, given me so very many secret moments of laughter in ways only a silly dog can. Your art touches my heart, illustrates my world, makes me smile. Thank you so very much.<3 Beasley and Oso say hi.🐾❤️🐾 PS I love the spider! (Beryl and Biko enjoyed your art, too, when they were here. The others were before your time but they would have enjoyed my giggles and awwws, just as Beasley and Oso do now)

    • You have said everything that dogs mean to me, before the time of my adoption at 7 years till now my 73rd Birthday shortly—- they have given me besides my God, my sanity—— people don’t understand and I feel that when we feel this way about our dogs that’s a direct gift from God. He made us and gave us extraordinary companions for us in this world. 🥰

  5. A bittersweet truth. ❤️❤️ We have much in common. A large part of me learned to overcome much of this in sheer anger that it makes my dogs sad to see me sad, Fighting fear again with all the changes I’m making and risks I’m taking, Fear can kiss my grits to quote Flo from Alice.

    • I LOVED Flo on Alice (I can hear her saying it now) and I love your motto. It is mine, too, but I need to be reminded of it A LOT. So thank you for the reminder! xo

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