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Thank Goodness for…

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7 comments on “Thank Goodness for…

  1. Patty Severud

    I am so thankful for your site and your clothing and key chains and tote bags to keep cheer in my life. I loved it before, but two months ago I lost my sweet pup and I have been barely able to breathe without her. We were such a team, only spending 4 days apart in eleven years. I was a social worker and she came to work with me daily becoming much more popular for her kindness and beautiful dresses than my therapy could ever be. Thank you for being a shinning star in my current darkness.

  2. Michelle your Canadian Buddy :)

    So true in regards to bad news on TV, radio, websites etc. I don’t even watch or listen to. Unless I need to know something specific. I limit that to a certain amount of time. I may give it 30 to 60 minutes. Only because one bad story will branch off onto another bad story. I love to know there are people like me who would stand and protect, love and care for dogs or any other animals, birds & sea creatures. I Truly Thank God and Pray For You Amy.

  3. Joni Haynes

    Love this message & your bright spirit!! I would love to see more kitty pictures for all us kitty lovers. ❤️🐈‍⬛

  4. Shannon K.

    🇺🇲 Amy for President
    Waaay too much Icky Depressing Stuff going on these days-
    We All Need to take at least a 1/2 hr. every day to Snuggle & Watch birds..
    🐶 🐦 🥰

  5. Lisa Lulu

    Yes! Grateful everyday for my fur babies! Thank you for such a cute and loving cartoon!

  6. Gabrielle Peak

    Yes, yes and yes!!! What a ray of sunshine this cartoon is and you are, Amy!!

  7. Absolutely! Let’s go snuggle and watch birds. Rain or shine, the birds are at the feeder, near the window, so my kitties stay entertained all day. It’s a bright spot in the gloom. This is such a sweet cartoon, Amy! Thank you so much for all you do to keep us smiling! xoxoxo


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