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6 comments on “Show Our Love

  1. Betty Jo

    Yep my dogs 100%. Also tears up all my flowers in pots …

  2. Deborah A Kipp

    So funny and true.

  3. Rose Marie

    Their precious “gifts”!are overwhelming at times, but we know the love that is attached to them. Purrs & woofs!

  4. Judith Roe

    Your emails always make me smile, I’m always glad to see one in my inbox.

  5. Sheila & Sam

    Oh Amy as always spot on…..big soggy kisses from Us in UK. Soggy cos it won’t stop raining. So my precious garden is under water at the mo. Xx

  6. Awww … SO true 🥰😘😍❤️ Thank you for reminding Miss Amy😊 👍😘


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