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6 comments on “Forever

  1. joane Vincent

    We have lost our daschund / yorkshire 2?months ago, I still cry… he was my friend, always together even during my sleeping. But fortunetly we have two other dogs that help to cope with our and their lost!

  2. Mary Jeffrey

    I love this. We lost Abby, our last furbaby, 4 years ago. It still hurts physically when I think of her or see her photo. Of course her face is my wallpaper.

  3. Shannon K

    This has a different meaning to me now that I’m in my 70’s – I’ve had dog’s in my life since childhood, and of course have experienced the pain of loosing many over the years.
    I now have two little ones – Loki & Brie. 🐶 🐶
    They are my heart beats- my Joy!
    My worry now – is that I’ll go before them & leave them alone. 😪
    I’ve recently made arrangements with a Good friend who will take them both if anything happens to me.. 🥰 So Happy to have that Worry lifted from me.. NOW it’s back to the 3 of us just loving & enjoying each other… ❤ ❤ ❤

    • I love that you are thinking about the welfare of Loki & Brie should you pass over before they do. I’ve put my little girls (dogs) in my will to make sure who will be the person to love and care for them. I think a person’s pets should always be in a person’s will no matter what your age. I want it to be legally done because I’ve left a trust fund with a certain dollar amount for their future veterinarian bills, grooming, food, licensing, boarding etc. I don’t want them to be a financial burden in any way. I think they should be thought of as any other family member when making a will. Thank you for your looking out for Loki & Brie’s future.

  4. Kate Matney

    Beautiful thought. Waterworks. Sweet image. Sigh. Thank you, Amy.

  5. Anna Annunziata

    I love this! I just had this conversation with my neighbor who’s pup crossed the rainbow bridge a year ago. Our pets add so much to our lives, forever would be a true blessing .❤️❤️❤️


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