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No Matter How Tough Things Get

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11 comments on “No Matter How Tough Things Get

  1. Gabrielle Peak

    Yes, indeedy! There are always magical phenomena to look forward to which includes the unconditional love of furfriends.

  2. Cake too!! Love it!!

  3. Can you make this available as a signed print? I’m starting my collection! I love this. Geeze, what would we do without you!

  4. Just what I needed today!! Thank you for sharing your art Ms. Amy 👍💞🎁 Happy Valentines to you & yours 💝❤️💝

  5. Julie Rucci

    Love all your cute cartoons, I always look so forward to the next one!!❤🐾

  6. The kitty has it right!

  7. Sidney Bailey

    What’s wonderful way to start my morning!. Rain during the night so I had my 2 trying trying to get so close to me they nearly pushed me out of bed! Love my corgis and Red and How!ing!

    • Hi Sidney, CORGI’s are the best. My girl Taliesin went to the bridge November 2019. I miss her so much. I will get another in a few years. Also have 2 Basset Hounds and a Labradoodle. Never a dull moment at our place.

      Red & Howling cartoons are the bright spot in our week!!

  8. Thanks for the cheery msg! Brightened my day.

  9. Arleen J Rutten

    ..this is so perfect..
    thank you..

  10. Emma Bowser

    I love the colors & the little comment of Kitty! Thank you!!


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