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Magnificent Mutts!

I created this cartoon in honor of National Mutt Day (July 31)! Tell me about your magnificent mutts in the comments below!

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13 comments on “Magnificent Mutts!

  1. Maryann Luczak

    I have two rescue Mutts…one is a Cha-weenie-doodle and the other is a Chihuahua-Jack Russell mix (we think but we don’t care!)

  2. Katalin H Heymann

    My magnificent mutt is only 2 breeds. She’s a yorkie poo because their white miniature poodle got loose & mated with their yorkie. Nobody wanted her because of a hernia near her left rear leg & a white paw. She’s my sweet & energetic 14 lb bundle of joy & service dog.

  3. One of my babies was found abandoned with his littermates at just a couple weeks with no mom to nurse them or estimate the breed from. They were luckily found and taken care of by the rescue I got him from. Once I saw his picture I knew I had to have him because he was so unique! I had him dna tested and found out he is Siberian Husky, German Shepherd, Doberman, Belgian Malinois, and American Staffirdshire Terrier, with minute amounts of other breeds. He is the best boy and there will never be another dog that is quite like him 🙂

  4. I have only had rescue dogs in my life. They are one of the most grateful creatures on this planet having been simply thrown away, abuse, neglected or lost. My wish on “National Mutt Day” is that those without homes are gotten up to Canada and to other areas in the country where they are loved for what they are, “PERFECT” I call Mutts “PURE BRED DOGS” The best kind. I extend my hand to those of you that share in my love of animals. Please support RED AND HOWLING and the fabulous things that Amy does for the animals.

  5. This sums up al dogs – they’re all magnificent mutts

  6. Patricia Collins

    Love this cartoon! Every word is true. Best doggies ever! 💕

  7. Cathy L Kennedy

    What would our lives be without them?

  8. Love this cartoon!!
    My majestic much are silly hyper and beautifully calm love bugs by night😍

  9. Michelle

    I live in Medicine Hat, Alberta Canada. It’s not easy to adopt or buy a specific small breed dog unless you want to spend $1800.00 and up. Plus, the breeders I’ve found were not good. Definitely, in it for the money and not for the love of the breed. However, there is a rescue in a a small town close to me that drives down to the United States and goes to shelters to bring back small dogs to Canada. They have a waiting list of people here wanting to adopt. It’s so sad because the shelters they go to have so many little dogs that have been found on the street, dumped off by breeders or given up by people because they just don’t fit their lifestyle anymore. And they can only bring so many at a time. If those dogs were up here they’d all be adopted in no time. Luckily, I’m one of the fortunate ones who have been able to adopt one of those dogs. She’s definitely a Magnificent Mutt. She’s so friendly, adorable, lovable, sweet and cute as can be. Her life has dramatically changed. She’s had a makeover of getting dental work done and of course going to the hairdresser and a new pretty harness. She’s going to start coming with me and my other dog to volunteer at a Senior’s Home doing Pet Therapy/Visitation. I think she may be even better than than my other dog I’ve been doing it with for the last 4 years. So I’d say without a doubt a Mutt can be just as good if not better than a purebred.

    • Thats SO sweet Michelle💝- greetings from Ohio- I have an aunt in Cochrane prev lived in Saskatoon. Small dogs are precious – I have2 😊👍

      • Michelle O'Connor

        Hi, I didn’t see your msg until now. I been to Cochrane & Saskatoon many years ago. Both nice places to live. Funny how small the world really is.

  10. Ann Althouse-Head

    Absolutely true!!♡♡

  11. Christina McCoy

    Perfectly stated!❤️❤️❤️

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