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10 comments on “Be Kind to All the Animals!

  1. Susan Brown

    Yes, please.

  2. Yeah!!
    I’m So Happy To See More Piggies on Your Drawings!!
    Xoxo 😘❤️🐷❤️🐗😍🐽💖🐽💖🐶❤️🐈❤️🐦❤️🐧😂🐈😍🐱💖🐥💖

  3. Laurie Hammeke

    T-shirts? Can’t wait! Also let us know if you every get bigger coffe cups!

  4. Love, Love, Love All Your cartoons touch my heart, and put a smile on my face…

  5. Would LOVE a tee of this one!

  6. Karen Blakely

    That is my favorite one yet when you get done on a pin I want one!

  7. Laura Metrick

    I Love this… thank you!

  8. Angie Price

    I love this cartoon!! She is surrounded by love. I like to say I am the luckiest mom in the world when I am surrounded by my motley crew of animals.

  9. YES!!!! ❤️😍👍🏻

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