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New Year’s Resolutions

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8 comments on “New Year’s Resolutions

  1. ..
    it’s part of my health plan..

  2. Angie Price

    I too am making more time for my fur babies. They love us unconditionally and always have wet kisses to offer. Sometimes they seem to be the only security, sanity, serenity I have
    in my crazy life.

    • Janet Hughes

      I’m with u there. I’m retired and handicapped so home all day with mine and still find myself feeling guilty for times I feel I should give them more attention. Just like with kids. It never ends But we love it and couldn’t live happy without them

  3. Christina McCoy

    Exactly what my new year’s resolution is all about!!

  4. Love it! 💗

  5. To foster more animals so I can have more animals in my house to give more love and attention to besides my own two girls. (dogs)

  6. I love this New Year’s Resolution cartoon so much. I am only hoping a print will be made. I will hang it up immediately

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