Here are some personal favorites as well as my most popular cartoons of the last year!

What were YOUR favorites?  Did I miss any?  Post a link in the comments below to share yours!

Thank you all for making it a great year and wishing everyone a Happy 2019!  May all your wishes and dreams come true!

xo Amy

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14 comments on “Yearly Best of Red & Howling

  1. you are absolutely amazing! <3

  2. Love, Smile, Christmas, Cat that loves Dogs, Kindness, but really all of them. You just get it.

  3. Jill Trent

    No matter what kind of a day I’m having I look at your art work and it makes me smile. Thanks

  4. Cynthia Marcos Lewis

    Thank you! I don’t have a pet anymore but I love your work and always share it with family and friends.

  5. Wow!! Love the talent. You are so good. Keep them coming.💕💕

  6. I lost sight of Red and Howling for a time when I moved cross-country last year, but we are back together.

  7. I love the ” I love you” best but I do love all.

  8. Whenever you create a new cartoon, it always make s me smike, because it so perfectly illustrates my life with my pup and cat. You are a blessing.o

  9. Hilda Shaw

    I love all your art work. It says everything about the love of animals and humans. Thank you from Kangaroo Land

  10. Yes they are all great, but I specially like the the little smiling dog(ordered the magnet I love that little guy so much) and the cat breaking the balloon makes me life!😊

  11. “Pure unconditional love” and “Let your love shine” are two my favorites. Also the nighttime scene with the moon and all the different breeds…Lovely ☺️❣️

  12. Melissa D Moorhouse

    Love them all especially the happy hour and kindness one and the mom, do what makes you happy one. I have been enjoying your calendar. My husband got it for me for Christmas! ♥️🐾

  13. That was me last night. Our carbon dioxide detector ( ceiling mounted) started to let out a beep approximately every 45 minutes. Starting at about 2:00 AM. My Pom Heidi is terrified of any emergency bells even just one beep. I woke up with her sitting on my chest and head and shaking. Her eyes looked so scared that she looked like she was going to have a epileptic seizure. (she didn’t have one) I was up all night massaging her and reassuring her it was alright. The batteries were old. We’re fixing it today. Neither her or I want to go through another night like that.

  14. Your take on pet love is right on spot and so tender. I smile everyday. Thank you for giving me an extra smile.

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