Here are some personal favorites as well as my most popular cartoons of the last year!

What were YOUR favorites?  Did I miss any?  Post a link in the comments below to share yours!

Thank you all for making it a great year and wishing everyone a Happy 2019!  May all your wishes and dreams come true!

xo Amy

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14 comments on “Yearly Best of Red & Howling

  1. Your take on pet love is right on spot and so tender. I smile everyday. Thank you for giving me an extra smile.

  2. That was me last night. Our carbon dioxide detector ( ceiling mounted) started to let out a beep approximately every 45 minutes. Starting at about 2:00 AM. My Pom Heidi is terrified of any emergency bells even just one beep. I woke up with her sitting on my chest and head and shaking. Her eyes looked so scared that she looked like she was going to have a epileptic seizure. (she didn’t have one) I was up all night massaging her and reassuring her it was alright. The batteries were old. We’re fixing it today. Neither her or I want to go through another night like that.

  3. Melissa D Moorhouse

    Love them all especially the happy hour and kindness one and the mom, do what makes you happy one. I have been enjoying your calendar. My husband got it for me for Christmas! ♥️🐾

  4. “Pure unconditional love” and “Let your love shine” are two my favorites. Also the nighttime scene with the moon and all the different breeds…Lovely ☺️❣️

  5. Yes they are all great, but I specially like the the little smiling dog(ordered the magnet I love that little guy so much) and the cat breaking the balloon makes me life!😊

  6. Hilda Shaw

    I love all your art work. It says everything about the love of animals and humans. Thank you from Kangaroo Land

  7. Whenever you create a new cartoon, it always make s me smike, because it so perfectly illustrates my life with my pup and cat. You are a blessing.o

  8. I love the ” I love you” best but I do love all.

  9. I lost sight of Red and Howling for a time when I moved cross-country last year, but we are back together.

  10. Wow!! Love the talent. You are so good. Keep them coming.💕💕

  11. Cynthia Marcos Lewis

    Thank you! I don’t have a pet anymore but I love your work and always share it with family and friends.

  12. Jill Trent

    No matter what kind of a day I’m having I look at your art work and it makes me smile. Thanks

  13. Love, Smile, Christmas, Cat that loves Dogs, Kindness, but really all of them. You just get it.

  14. you are absolutely amazing! <3

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