Even though I never met Lexy-the-Elderbull in person, she touched my heart and made my day just a little bit brighter when her posts would pop up in my feed. For those of you who don’t know, Lexy was never far from her trusty sidekick, Bruce the Shark. Together they navigated this world of uncertainty and chaos, educating and advocating for pitbulls and shark preservation. And they did it ALL with kindness and love.Magnificent and incomparable Lexy the Elderbull – we will miss you always and forever.

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61 comments on “My Heart

  1. execelsior

    This is a delightful story.

  2. Christina M White

    What a lovely tribute!

  3. Lori J Sunderland

    So beautiful. I am so sorry.

  4. Well Done Lexy and Bruce❣❣ You brought such Joy and Beauty to your family and to the world 💖 Thank You for sharing your Life with the World and spreading the word about the Purest Love that lives within the Bully Breed; your Legacy is as Giant as your Beautiful Heart was ❣💞 I hope you were met with a Parade of Love🙏🙌 Everyone should go check out Lexy’s Legacy

  5. Stephanie McCurry

    I’m so sorry. This is SO beautiful💔

  6. Heartfelt sympathy and love from my Border Terrier (Sir Jack Spratticus) and I. What an incredible dog Lexi was and will always be in the numerous lives touched. Be gentle with yourself Amy xx

  7. Frances Conwell

    My heart my heart goes out to you on the loss of your beautiful Lexy. Your cartoon was a wonderful tribute.


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