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We Will Always Be Together


In honor of Oskar the Blind Cat, a champion of special needs animals everywhere—who unexpectedly passed away recently.

And in honor of all beloved cats we’ve loved and lost. Animals fill our lives with indescribable joy, they are irreplaceable, and they are forever deeply missed when they are gone.

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7 comments on “We Will Always Be Together

  1. So, so, true, lost my beautiful soul cat Oscar 4 weeks ago, the most beautiful deaf white cat with a huge heart & personality, here’s to you & all the awesome & amazing cats & the wonderful times & totally unconditional love they gave each one of us xx

  2. This brings me to tears every time..I love this

  3. Pamela D

    Just lost two of my cats 3 weeks apart. It’s felt like someone was twisting my heart and stomach.
    I pray for anyone else who has to through this. They still live in my heart.

  4. Son momentos muy desagradables que tenemos que pasar ante estas pérdidas.
    Se extraña mucho.

  5. The loss of a pet is a wretched pain in the heart that dims a bit overtime, but never completely goes away.

  6. Tracy Kiuchi

    Forever and ever in our hearts and waiting for us across the bridge, happy, healthy and whole, with hugs and kisses…

  7. ..

    Red & Howling always knows..

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