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Never Enough Kisses!

My funny friend and fellow animal advocate, @JeanMary_ and her magical pup, @PichuSonReido.

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(also available in Spanish!)

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6 comments on “Never Enough Kisses!

  1. So Adorable. <3

  2. Christina Mccoy

    So sweet! So true,never enough kisses!😍😍😍

  3. the best kisses!

  4. Awwwww-❤️❤️🐶🐶❤️❤️💌 Ruffles & Beau agree – and me, also!

  5. Mary Benavente

    Awww! This warms my heart❤️

  6. I can’t tell u, or shouldn’t telll u, how many times Kermit has tongue kissed me!!! He makes me laugh so hard when licking my face that his tongue slips in making me say NOOOO which of course makes my mouth wide open for more Kermit slobber! It’s so disturbing 😜

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