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Seniors make Life Sparkle!

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9 comments on “Seniors make Life Sparkle!

  1. nancy mccafferty

    my sweet andre lived 1 year beyond the life expectancy for his breed (bull terrier). that was the best gift ever.

  2. Carol Navin

    This is so fitting for the way i feel. I am beyond happy that you used a black pug. This was the best friend soul mate that i lost on Jan 20th of last year. I wrote you about Buddy and how much your video meant to me . What ways will you be doing this cartoon. I love Red & Howling. I have 2 of your tea shirts and mugs. xo your pal Carol.

  3. Gabrielle Peak

    In Memory of Zuzu Gingersnap, the sweetest, most loving companion ever. You will alway be missed by your family. July 1,2003 to December 17, 2017.

  4. Sidney Bailey

    Hits the mail on the head! Love my corgis! 🐘

  5. Ann Althouse-Head

    Couldn’t agree more♡

  6. I have a Pom who’s 12 and a Chihuahua who’s 13. They’ve been with me since they were 8 and 12 weeks old. Everyday I love them more and now everyday is a gift they are still with me.

  7. Deborah Weis

    Perfect ❤️

  8. Eugenia Kraemer

    They are the best. Loyal, loving, and the best companions anyone could have. Id take them over the two legged any time!!!

  9. Lovely post & photo tjanks

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