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Wisebadger Wisebadger from Pottsville, TX wrote on September 3, 2019
I have 9 rescue dogs currently - 2 corgis, 2 dachshunds, 2 basselopes (a la Rosebud from Outland), a chihuahua/Godzilla (100% chi), a chihuahua/corgi, and a labroxeweiler, the baby at <2 years and 160 pounds. All the others are seniors rescued from puppy mills, roadsides and the Doxies lost their elderly owner, who left 8 orphans who were fortunate to wind up in a good rescue situation. Corgis are Emmett and Utah, basselopes Titus and Harvey, doxie ladies are FloJo and Ruby Tuesday, chi/G is Schatzie Boo Boo, chi/corgi is Chloe Zotsky, and the baby is Mario, devoted servant to the doxie ladies, favorite play toy of the corgis, and his mum's baby. I've been rescuing dogs for 30 years from roadsides mostly, have been complicit in a few pre-emptive rescues, and will gladly do anything for a dog in need. I am proud to be a crazy dog lady, and there is room for cats as well. I do get severe on the subject of wild animal exotic pets, no matter how many generations of captive breeding. My tallest and longest winded soapbox is reserved for haranguing idiots who look at a 9 week old lion cub and think it won't grow up. Licensed wildlife rescue/rehabilitator for many years, have 1st hand experience with discarded exotic pets, and my shots are up to date. Take a chance: rescue a stray. Otherwise, support shelter and rescue organizations, spay/neuter your pets and be an advocate for the old, ill, mistreated, abandoned, no matter what species. It is OUR world. Treat it well.
Melitta Duncan Melitta Duncan from Palmdale wrote on August 3, 2019
I just love your cartoon pet family. They have a life of their own with your fabulous art talent. I agree with you that a happy way is the best way to teach people how important our pets are to our wellbeing and how important we are to their sweet lives. Thank you for your dedication and hard work.
Molly Matus Molly Matus from Westbrook wrote on October 11, 2018
Hi, I just L❤️Ve Your Drawings and Cartoons!! They Make me laugh Daily & they're the cutest things!! Thank You for bringing Me Smiles!! Xoxo 😘😊😊😘😘❤️🐶❤️🐈❤️🐷❤️😘😎🐱🐗❤️🐺❤️🐴❤️🐕❤️🐩🐈❤️😎
kmeadows kmeadows from Stockton wrote on September 15, 2018
I really like Red & Howling, you are awesome...however, the forum part is hard to understand and post in and i am not even sure if i am entered for the your work, i am the one who would love a t shirt with one of your cartoons on it and currently volunteer are our local city shelter and take a dog or two to News 10 on Sunday for a pet of the week segment...hugs from Stockton
Wenny Wenny from Indonesia wrote on July 7, 2018
I'd Love to read and see post on here. It's so fantastic to see human and dog can make a relationship like that. I'd love to have them buat i'm afraid I'll make them dissapointed because of busy
Anna with 3 dogs (my_husky_family) Anna with 3 dogs (my_husky_family) from Moscow Russia wrote on July 6, 2018
Hi talent uniqe guys! 🙌To say how ww love you, to say nothing! You are the part of our life since we found your page on FB and IG. I found myself in every pic ...Thanks for your love to all animals! Its connecting people of over the world! Just ❤️
Theresa Theresa from Wilsonville wrote on July 2, 2018
I absolutely LOVE your artwork! So many truths, I have 2 dogs - Teddy and Bear. Love your website😊
Marilyn Peoples Marilyn Peoples from New Carlisle wrote on July 1, 2018
I love your cartoons. They make me smile every day. I have four fur babies and they are my life.
Kzu Kzu wrote on June 29, 2018
Your artwork resonates with me so much. I rely on my dog to keep me happy most of the time because I often struggle with my mental health. Many people don't get why I spend so much time with him, so it's great to find an artist who understands!
MariaandNikita MariaandNikita from Nelson BC Canada wrote on June 29, 2018
Jan Jan from Macon wrote on June 28, 2018
What a great sure. I started on FB. I have always had a dog. My parents let us have one at a time. I have two smaller dogs. I'll be getting more in my future. Not sure my life would be happy without a dog to love.
Julie67cat Julie67cat from Chelmsford wrote on June 24, 2018
I love your Instagram posts and just found your website 🙂
Barb D. Barb D. from Melbourne, Australia wrote on May 26, 2018
Dear Amy. I have just placed and paid for 4 signed prints. I will have these forever on my wall, and I can’t think of a more beautiful way to honor our gorgeous adopted Cockers. Harry was a black cocker who had been badly neglected and abused when he came into our lives at the age of 12 years. He lived the most pampered and loved life with us for 4 years until the day I held him in my arms and helped him on his way to be with Joey in heaven. In his memory we have since adopted another beautiful cocker named Kacey. She was unfortunately a puppy farm rescue and has overcome extreme emotional neglect. She is the sweetest girl you could ever meet and is now so very happy and content with us. My husband Ron now works from home, so her anxiety levels are much decreased as we are with her almost 24/7 and of course she sleeps on our bed! She is beside me right now as I write this in the car outside our grandchildren’s school while waiting to pick them up. She adores children! Amy I want you to know that I appreciate and love and admire you not only for you obvious artistic talent but also for your love of animals. They all need us to be defenders and advocates for their security and loving safe care in this world of ours. Thank you for shining a bright light on all our unique and precious animals. Lots of love from us and Australia XXXOOO
Janet Hughes Janet Hughes from Jacksonville wrote on May 24, 2018
Love all your cartoons and cute videos. And they are all so true.
Andrée Rowden Mr Darcy Clark Andrée Rowden Mr Darcy Clark from Brisbane, Queensland, Australia wrote on May 22, 2018
Hi Amy, We completed another hospital visit yesterday where we were were delighted to surprise a patient gifting one of your fun book marks. We gave my mum one of your magnets for mother’s day. She loves it. Thank you for touching our hearts. Thank you on behalf of those we share your special talents with 🐾💚❤️ 🤗 Woof to your team from Mr D’s wagging tail
Jo-Ann Livingstone Jo-Ann Livingstone from Port Howe wrote on April 11, 2018
I just found your site and have been going through your cartoons and most of them I can really relate to and have been sitting here laughing so hard my face hurts. Thanks for the chuckles I love them.
Natalie Brash Natalie Brash from Edinburgh wrote on March 31, 2018
I would love to be a guestbook entry as your cartoons and videos are amazing always put a smile on my face like my two dogs and cat do every day
Mel Mel from London wrote on March 29, 2018
Was great to find redandhowling and love all the pics and cartoons relating to them all ...brilliant
holly holly from raleigh nc wrote on March 12, 2018
I have the video of dog who died. I guess you wrote it for a blind cat. Is that right? Would you have that in a book I can buy? I have friend who would really love to see it. Thanks so much.
hollly hollly from raleigh nc wrote on March 12, 2018
I love the cartoon you wrote for the blind cat that passed away. Recently a friend of mine lost her dog and would love to see this. Do you have it in book form>? I would love to buy a copy. She does not have facebook or a web page..
yuki fujita yuki fujita from gardena wrote on March 11, 2018
I love all your stuff!!!! I would love to share your site.
Lisa R. Lisa R. from Montreal, Quebec wrote on March 9, 2018
I just wanted to say thank you for your beautiful art. I see my furry family in so much of it. You make me laugh and occasionally cry. You understand how special and important every being is.
Susan S. Susan S. from Michigan wrote on March 6, 2018
I want to tell you that you have kept my spirits high. Why? Long story short. My rescue puppy had contracted Parvo (a long 6 days at our vet hospital and a wonderful veterinarian). I would see your comics daily. They bring a warm feeling to my heart and still do. Our puppy, Jessie, is now home recovering nicely. Thank you for keeping hope alive seeing your comics. ❤️ A True Fan.
Silvia Silvia from Ávila, Spain wrote on March 1, 2018
I really love your drawings and the messages you share with them
Casi Casi from Summers wrote on February 27, 2018
As yoga practicing, dog loving (and rescuing) household we LOVE your art. I especially LOVE my Red and Howling mug.
Marta Parsons Marta Parsons from Franklin TN wrote on February 20, 2018
I enjoy your cartoons. They reflect my life. I have rescued seniors for many years. I also have Patio, a semi feral cat, who adopted my patio a few years ago. He is fine with my seniors. He can come in anytime and stay. Presently I have three senior dogs.
Hannah Hannah from Norrkoping/Sweden wrote on February 13, 2018
Love your drawings and videos, they are so cute...what would life be without dogs or any kind of pet. Have a black lab called Preston love him to pieces 🙂
Sherry Sherry wrote on February 13, 2018
I recently placed an order for some stickers and I wanted to thank you so much for including two extra ones !!! It was such a nice surprise and so very generous of you. I love everything you do. It brings a smile to my face every time I see one of your drawings. Thank you so much !!
Tamara Tamara from Sacramento wrote on February 6, 2018
I love your paintings, I have 8 of them. I have bought other things to. When you have the love of a dog you have every thing. thank you.
Anne Anne from Metford wrote on February 1, 2018
Absolutely love your videos and drawing. It seems as though you understand my life and my relationship with my princess Chancey (my Miniature Pinschers)
June E June E from Wooster wrote on January 30, 2018
Love to read your cartoons! Thank you for your newsletter. We have three rescues...all terriers. The latest one is a hoot. His name is Clancy and he does not have any eyes. He does not know this. He gets around just fine.
Jodi Jodi from Hoagland wrote on January 25, 2018
Only one who has loved an animal be it dog, cat or other can relate to these beautiful cartoons.
Connie Powers Connie Powers from Bethpage wrote on January 11, 2018
I absolutely adore everything you do. You are so talented thank you
Ronnie Ronnie from Leicester wrote on January 11, 2018
I love Red and Howling so very much. Your posts are beautiful and brighten my day, where all all around me my world seems to be falling apart (Going though a terrible time at the moment) Some posts have even reduced me to tears, but not sad tears but hearrtwarming ones, that remind me, whilst everywhere there seems to be pain and anger, animals are here for us, for love cuddles and that understanding paw, foot or claw, that tells us, 'Hey my Hooman, I'm here, I love you"....(Off I go again.😢) Thank you, love, peace and happiness to you and yours this 2018...xxxx
LULU LULU from Marbella, SPAIN wrote on January 11, 2018
I love your drawings, your talent& originality,you always surprise Amy, what would we do without you!💋🐾💋
Marilyn Marilyn from Concord wrote on January 10, 2018
Hi Amy, how are you? I love the gif how do I get it? Have a great rest of the week. 💖
Anette Lynch Anette Lynch from Evanston wrote on January 10, 2018
I love ❤️ your animations .. I am a woofers mom and always enchanted by your illustrations.. very sweet and a touch of whimsy in them😘😘
Laurie Hammeke Laurie Hammeke from Allen wrote on January 10, 2018
I LOVE it! Dogs have always been a girls most reliable friend!
Bridget Faria Bridget Faria from Warren wrote on January 10, 2018
These cartoons always brighten my day! I the have dog kisses print at my work desk. Thank you for making me smile
Jamie K Laine Jamie K Laine from Davie wrote on January 10, 2018
You ALWAYS warm my heart!
Tammy Tammy from Brookings wrote on January 9, 2018
Love your love for animals.
Linda Essayas Linda Essayas from American Canyon wrote on January 9, 2018
Thank you for being an animal lover, nature lover. Only those who truly love their pets as much as you do, can understand and relate to us fur baby lovers! Bless You! Bless your heart! ❤
Kathleen Brockway Kathleen Brockway from Brook Park, MN wrote on January 9, 2018
It is uncanny how you know precisely how my dogs and I interact! Sending love from me and Emi Greyhound, Fletcher Whippet, Maggie Golden, and Teddy Welsh Terrier (all Second Chance dogs!).
Sylvia Sylvia from dallas wrote on January 9, 2018
Such wonderful heart warming cartoons
Jan Jan from Abingdon wrote on January 9, 2018
I love these wonderful pet friendly cards, GIFs, short movies, and heart warming drawings. They make my day. Please keep up the good work.
Andree Andree from Brisbane, Australia wrote on January 9, 2018
Thank you We love your work. Just like my adorable cuddly Mr Darcy dog is snuggling into me too, the difference we are having a humid summer. I love his closeness 💚 🐾 to you Amy for all that you do.
Vicki Kendrigan Vicki Kendrigan from Victoria, Australia wrote on January 9, 2018
BARRROOOO from Jack and Lucy and hello from myself 🙂 We love all of your work and look forward to it everyday. Have a wonderful day 🙂
Belinda Belinda from Temecula wrote on January 9, 2018
My dog Taffy and I identify with your video "Everything " !!!!!
Marla Marla from Clarksville wrote on January 9, 2018
Love the new cartoon! That is soo me, and I actually was petting my pup while watching it!
Christina McCoy Christina McCoy from Hardy wrote on January 9, 2018
Precious! That is me all over!
Sherrell Sherrell from Star Prairie wrote on January 9, 2018
Your artwork makes my heart sing!
Vicky Vicky from Edmonton wrote on January 9, 2018
I Love ❤️ Your cartoons and I Love my pup
Nancy Rosengren Nancy Rosengren from Bakersfield wrote on January 9, 2018
Barbara Barbara from near Richmond, VA wrote on January 8, 2018
I love all of your work - you are sooo very talented!! Thank you for all that you do to promote animal welfare and raise awareness of adoption and saving pets. YOU ROCK!!! Barbara, my kitty Otis, and my 3 Boston Terriers - "Ike", "Mia" and "Puppa" (all adopted!!!)
Jane, Gabriel, Smudgie, and Lilly (3 kitties) Jane, Gabriel, Smudgie, and Lilly (3 kitties) from Mendon wrote on January 5, 2018
Thanks so much for bringing happiness and sweetness into our life! Your cartoons, videos, and everything else remind me what is important (and innocent and loving) in life!
Betsy and Frida Frenchie Betsy and Frida Frenchie from Clementon NJ wrote on January 4, 2018
Happy New Year! Thank you for your fun and uplifting art work! Have a great year. Love, Betsy & Frida Frenchie
Kris Mc. Kris Mc. from Westminster wrote on January 4, 2018
Happy New Year, and thank you for truly spreading the Love throughout the year! Your artwork makes me smile and lifts my spirit. You are the light in this wintry world. So, Thank You! =)
Eva Eva from Cairns Australia wrote on January 3, 2018
Absolutely love all your prints.. you are so talented and portray how I feel about my fur babies
Lidija Lidija from Belgrade wrote on January 3, 2018
Thank you for all of your great drawings! They are so cute and so true!! Love them! Sending love and all the best wishes to you and your furry crew! Shirley and Lidija!
Karen Karen from Country:Perú South America wrote on January 2, 2018
Just wanted to say thank you very much for all ur beautiful work!! We love it!! Wishing you a happy new year, from me and my doggies Tony, Manny and Petunia
Janet Gough Janet Gough from Littleborough wrote on January 2, 2018
Thanks for all the brilliant cartoons you draw. I have depression and they really cheer me up. Happy New Year! xx
Kathy Kathy from Stockton wrote on January 2, 2018
Happy New Year!! Just wanted to wish you a wonderful and fun New Year. Thank you for your drawings...they are so cute and make me smile
Margie Margie from Lakewood wrote on January 2, 2018
Your cartoons always make me smile! Love your humor and creativity! Thank you ♡
Zaharia Zaharia from Geraldton wrote on January 2, 2018
Thank you for continuously making me smile. I love your cartoons <3 wonderful wishes for an amazing year ahead xoxox
Wendy Deaton Wendy Deaton from Cayucos, CA wrote on January 2, 2018
Your animal portrayals always lift my spirits! Thank you!
Debra-lee Debra-lee from Adelaide wrote on January 2, 2018
Best wishes RedandHowling for a fantastic year ahead - your artwork makes my heart happy - just a few more bull terrier pics would be excellent- I have a staffy and just got a rescue bully Zara and her antics are just hilarious 😂
Sheila and Sam Sheila and Sam from Settle UK (not Seattle) wrote on January 2, 2018
Greetings Amy and wishing you a Woofderful New Year. This is a fab idea and fun to read other folks comments - loving and admiring your work as much as we do. Looking forward to delightful new items this year.
S E Fisher S E Fisher from Studio City wrote on January 2, 2018
I became familiar with your artwork through City the Kitty, and I purchased the drawing. All the best for a great 2018.
Elizabeth Elizabeth from Lemon grove wrote on January 2, 2018
Hi! I love the new video, thank you 😊
Jay kerr Jay kerr from Londonderry wrote on January 2, 2018
Love love love your art!! So sweet and so true ❤️❤️😘🐶🐶🐶🐶😘❤️❤️
Christina McCoy Christina McCoy from Hardy wrote on January 2, 2018
Love all of your work! Got your holiday coffee cup and simply love it!! Keep up the wonderful work!! Happy new year!!
Linda Linda from New Castle wrote on January 2, 2018
I love everything you create . You are awesome , and your stuff makes me smile ! Thanks for doing what you do . Much love ❤️
Steve Szejna Steve Szejna from Milwaukee wrote on January 2, 2018
I love your work and the personal touches and notes you include with my orders. Like drawing a picture of 2 cats (I have 2 cats) on the shipping box with the note “Thanks Steve!”. Wishing you a successful and happy 2018 from me and my 2 orange boys! 😺😺
Vida Miilu Vida Miilu from Harbor Springs wrote on January 2, 2018
Happy New Year Amy🎉 Loved your 2017 videos so I am anxious to see what you have in store for us in 2018.💕
Susan Garton Susan Garton from Stamford wrote on January 2, 2018
Happy New Year Amy! Love your cartoons, they keep me happy!!! Looking forward to seeing what 2018 brings to all your followers ❤️ Sue Garton

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