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Hot Surfaces Burn Paws!

Signs of burned paws: limping, refusing to walk, licking and chewing feet, blisters or redness on paw pads, darkened pads, and part of pads missing.

Please keep your babies safe. Walk on grass, in the shade, early or late in the day. Always keep pets off of hot surfaces.

Please share your tips and stories below and help others keep their pets safe during hot weather!

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7 comments on “Hot Surfaces Burn Paws!

  1. I live in S Texas & same issue. As hard as it is at times, I walk mine between 5:30 am to 6:30 am. It isn’t that hot & they enjoy it.

  2. Karen Blakely

    Do you have a bumper sticker with this message? I have the
    one about hot carts on my car window. Floridians & south carolina’s need to know this! Great cartoon.

    • I don’t have this available as a sticker.  I am so sorry, but I will think about turning it into one. At the very least, I should offer this as a free download poster, so you can post on bulletin boards, etc.

  3. Katalin H Heymann

    This is hard to do in the Arizona desert were there is no grass, trees or shade due to severe winds that destroy tarps & even sunshades. I let her fur grow, she has hair growing between her pads, so she has a lot of fur protecting her feet. I try not to let her out during the hottest times of the day but sometimes she just has to go potty then. If I could afford it I would have someone build me a wood & tin roof shade structure. Unfortunately I had to take early social security so money is really tight.

    • you can always get them booties, boots are not only for the snow they are also good for hiking in rough-terrain and for the hot surface to protect their paws.

      • Katalin H Heymann

        I tried booties with no success for several months. Finally gave them to a local charity. She refused to walk in them & I’m disabled so we don’t hike or take walks. We play fetch early in the morning before it gets hot.

    • Arizona is hot. I’ve been many times and the surfaces are all blazing hot. There are peel and stick pads (my pup doesn’t like booties either). I’ve not tried them, but I’ve seen them advertised on Amazon with mixes reviews. There is also a product call Mushers – a protective wax coating, but it is messy.

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