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Bye-Bye 2020!

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14 comments on “Bye-Bye 2020!

  1. Amen to this but COVID-19 is still looming in 2021. Please be careful everyone and continue to practice social distancing and wear your mask. We will get through this.

  2. Happy New Year. I hope it will be better for all of us!

  3. Gabrielle Peak

    Happy 2021, Amy & Brian. May health, happiness and good fortune be yours as a start to this new decade.

  4. Arleen J Rutten travels + moving..
    Amy and family.. bless you..

  5. Michelle O

    Amy I wish you the very best in your move, getting settled in and caring for your Mom. I’m sure she is happy and greatly appreciates you coming home to care for her. We will be here when you are ready to return. Remember to take care of yourself first.

  6. Yes, 2020 will not be miss that’s for sure! Amen!

  7. H.J. Hill

    Thank you, Amy! Your cartoons always bring a smile or a gentle tear. Keep going!

  8. Too too true!!
    Very Happy New 2021 to you Amy & all the family! You bring smiles to my life 👍❤️🥳🌟🎉🤗🙏😘 THANK YOU!! 💞

  9. Roberta Limoli-Barufaldi

    I just love your cartoons, I purchased the calender,,you got me through my cancer treatments…Happy 2021 to you and yours

  10. Susan Rinaldi

    We will miss you and your funny, lovable and adorable work❣️Best of luck in your move and on this next step of life’s journey. Hurry back!! ❤️❤️

  11. Kathy Bates

    Love it!! Happy/Healthy New Year, Amy, Bryan, and Miss Isabelle!! We will be keeping you and your family close in our hearts! 🥰

  12. Sidney Bailey

    Happy 2021 to the whole Red and Howling family.. You have made 2020 a little better! Maybe a notebook calender type book I can sit and record my blood pressure readings every day!. Thank you for bringing such fun things to this old lady! Great talent and so happy you share. 🐈🐕🐘 Deputy, Sailor and Casper the cat & me

  13. Joyce M Glorso

    Happy New Year. Come back soon.

  14. Lori J Sunderland

    I love your art. So adorable. Happy New Year!


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