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Dog thoughts vs Cat thoughts

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8 comments on “Dog thoughts vs Cat thoughts

  1. Michelle O

    If I have to do something to my dogs they don’t like wiping their eyes, trimming their nails or God forbid give them a bath they get a treat. I may have gone overboard with the treat currency because now they want one for getting up in the morning and having to wait for their breakfasts.

    • Kiss above their eyes before wiping, and always use a damp, very soft Kleenex.

      I gently stroke their chin upon telling them it’s time for a clawicure.
      Softly sing to them while trimming their nails.
      (I find John Denver songs work best🙂.)
      I, also, kiss their head before each nail cut.
      Advise them they’ll feel so much better when we’re done.

      I sing while bathing them, and talk gently during the entire bath.*
      * A snap-on pet-bathing hose, to the shower head, makes bathing a tad easier than a plunk in deep water.

      Keep-up with those treats, also. 😃
      I have food out 24/7.❤

  2. Pamela Bertva

    I sooooo love these critters at the end of your pen and brush! You are an amazing artist and loving caring person! Thank you for making life so much better for so many people and their fur kids. -Pamela-

  3. Margaret Holzberger

    Love it!!!!

  4. Sidney Bailey

    Excellent as usual

  5. Dawn Unger

    Oh this is so so true! 😻🐶

  6. Perfection. You nailed it, as always! <3

  7. Absolutely true! Love your characters!


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