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The Miraculous & Mysterious Canine Nose

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24 comments on “The Miraculous & Mysterious Canine Nose

  1. You are so talented!! I can’t wait to see all your new art. I rescued my 3yr Chihuahua/Terrier mix; actually chose her because of her adorable nose and whiskers! I love her so much and you. I purchased a picture from Red&Howling that looks like Marley and me except my hair color is white not red. I framed it and put it on the wall in hall outside my apartment. It is “How is it that I Love You.”

  2. Funny

  3. countrygir22g

    lol,that is so true

  4. Elizabeth De Jesus

    Because it contains all the food that went into it. 🙂

  5. Interesting, funny & true! Thanks
    Amy x 🐶🐾💗💙

  6. Sherry Servin

    Ah yes..they sniff everything..then lick your face❤🐾

  7. ❤️ it !! Can’t believe my babies do that – HAHA🤣

  8. GREAT LAUGH!! needed it. thank you so much

  9. Christina McCoy


  10. Katalin H Heymann

    I know! She even sniffs her old poo & I tell her it’s hers. I have an area for potty & I only clean it up every 3 days so she has several of her old poos there. I live in the desert & the poo dries out quickly.

  11. So true and so sweet, as always. The illustrations are also absolutely stunning
    Love love love it

  12. Deborah A Kipp

    Ha Ha. So true.

  13. One of the yet unresolved mysteries of the universe

  14. Nancy Padilla

    Outstanding! 🤣🤣🤣🤣

  15. Yupiee wonderful Amy, maybe dog parents should pay more attention to all the household chemical they use, air fresheners etc, really?!!

  16. I was so happy to see another cartoon. So true about giving medicine. I found trying giving medicine in food hard to do as well. But when I gave it to my husband to give it to my girl she took it ! Weird because she even seen me give it to him. But it worked so that’s all that mattered.

  17. Gabrielle D. Peak

    Oh, my! This pegs my darling Beagles to a T! They have never met an odor that they didn’t like, love or more……. Thank you for another hilarious cartoon.

  18. Peter Hurlbut

    Extremely interesting statistics. ☺ It would have been more accurate if you had omitted the part about evolution, almost certainly the most widespread and commonly believed lie in God’s universe.

    • Thanks for another great and factual cartoon, Amy!! Please keep it up, you make my day, every time ❤️

    • Amanda 'mandi' Castle

      Look, im not going to get into a debate regarding science vs religion. You are of course entitled to believe in whatever you so wish, whether that be in a christian god, allah, buddah or even a purple spotted tiger-pig called ermintrude… don’t bring religion into things that aren’t remotely related.
      I/we/others are respectful enough to not admonish your personal faith (only for so long) so perhaps you should show others that same respect by not, for lack of a better phrase, waving your beliefs in others faces. You are essentially saying that you’re right and everything that differs from your beliefs is just wrong.
      My point is don’t taint a perfect and lovely piece of art with potentially offensive religious rhetoric

      Personal beliefs should stay just that, personal!

  19. So very true- and thank you for the Friday morning laugh.
    The things our fur babies do…..

  20. Sidney Bailey

    It is absolutely the best treat of the day when I get to see a Red and Howling when I’m having coffee outside with my corgis! .thank you .!!!..☕🐘😷

  21. Barbara Johnson

    Wonderful xx🐾🐾


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