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12 comments on “Stare

  1. I love your cartoons and your compassion for animals, especially our fur babies!

  2. Lori Sunderland

    I adore your cartoons, they always make me smile. Thank you for your talent.

  3. Christine Smith

    This made me smile! I love when Malibu wags her tail when our eyes meet.

  4. Kimberlee Jones

    So true!

  5. This is my Max, lives to drive me crazy when I’m busy!🤣👍 Love your cartoons ❤️

  6. Deborah A Kipp

    Oh that is so true. Love it.

  7. Angie Price

    I love it!

  8. Your dog is so much better trained than mine. My girls aren’t so tactful. They would have pushed their way onto my lap and knocked the book out of my hands put their paws on my chest and licked my face. “Hey Mom do you see me now”.

  9. mary bachowski

    I love your art work and the subject matter! You can tell you own pups!! By the way, what type of dogs do you have? Is one of them a pittie? xxoo

  10. Sidney Bailey

    Hit the nail on the head! If staring stops then barking begins! Thank you

  11. Susan Rinaldi

    This is SO my dog when I’m trying to work and not paying enough attention to him🐾❤️!

  12. Arleen J Rutten



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