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Still too close…

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13 comments on “Still too close…

  1. Elizabeth De Jesus


  2. Cathy Reeves

    Sometimes I feel this way too about people. Always when compared to animals if I had to choose!

  3. Maxine Y Easey

    You can understand why I’m so lonely…I have absolutely NO PETS right now!! I know you will get it!!

  4. This is so me. I am feeling very understood!!!

  5. Mary McKheen

    This is completely me. Glad someone else gets it.

  6. Rose Marie Schaer-Wade

    Yes! 3 cats, 3 big dogs plus a 39 year old Amazon parrot live with me So I have more than enough love & companionship. 😍😃❤️

  7. Yes!!!! What a nice treat on my birthday, thanks Amy ❤️

  8. Thank you for making me laugh at myself!

  9. Ann & Ken Danz

    Who needs people when you have your furry love bugs?

  10. Arleen J Rutten

    ..nailed it..
    at least in my world..

  11. Sidney Bailey

    As usual you hit the nail on the head. Still hope you come out with a calendar book type before i pass away. I’ll be 78 next Wednesday!🐘

    • A big happy birthday to you! You’re a spring chicken, so don’t talk about passing away. I wish I had a day planner/spiral book calendar for you. I DO have a wall calendar though—I know that is not the same. xoAmy


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