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You Will Always Be My Best Friend

Dedicated to Bella the Bullmastiff who, despite are grand size, made friends with a frog.

(Back in July 2017, an Instagram friend reached out to me in anguish.  She told me that she had to put her beloved Bullmastiff to sleep.  I felt her bottomless pain and my heart ached.  I wanted to create something in honor of Bella and as I started to put this piece together, I thought about all the dogs and animals that we love so deeply and lose way to soon, so it became a tribute to all the fur babies that we’ve all had to say goodbye to in life.)

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A note from the artist: Many people have asked if they could purchase any gifts for loved ones who have lost a furry best friend, as well as to help comfort their own grief, so I have put together a Collection based on my viral Best Friend video (a portion of profits from my shop goes directly to animal rescue and advocacy groups).   xo-Amy

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123 comments on “You Will Always Be My Best Friend

  1. I love this SO much! It makes me sob because it’s exactly how I feel. It’s so perfect. Thank you for making this.

  2. I know your pain. My sincere sympathy to you.

  3. Susan Rosenthal

    So Beautiful! Last week I had to put to sleep my Sweet Sirius – a black pug – my soul mate!!

  4. Gabrielle Peak

    Once again, I’m commenting on this marvelous cartoon. In 2017, I was grieving the loss of my only child, Elisa, on this day. Then four months later to the day, my sweet Zuzu Gingersnap was killed. A year later, we adopted another Beagle puppy, Boki. He was a delightful, adorable addition to our family & his love helped us heal Sadly, our precious Boki was diagnosed with Lymphoma just days before his 5th Birthday. He succumbed to this dreaded form of canine cancer. Boki died on July 15, 2022. We are the richer for loving him & so glad to have the honor of his presence in our lives. 💖💖💖

    • I am so sorry for your losses. I have walked in your shoes.. I know the pain.

      • Gabrielle Peak

        Thank you for your kind response, Annie. I appreciate your empathy – especially, knowing that it is born from pain. 💖

  5. I am so enamored by this. We have lost 4 dogs in the past 20 years, all of which will be buried with us when we pass. My heart dog Jayme was my savior when the world seemed bleak. Thank you for sharing this … while the tears are there the smiles are too…

  6. Ellen L Meade

    I lost my precious Poppy two years ago today. It’s like it was yesterday. My heart is so broken and my home is so empty without her. I would do almost anything to hold her once again.

  7. In Loving Memory of our Furbabies.You all are Missed .We will reunite someday , until then you will be watching over us.Godspeed.🐾💗xx

  8. Evelyn Kerr

    So lovely reminders me of my lovely boy I lost in May.

  9. mary jo kingston

    My Dad told me that God – in his infinite wisdom – made our lifespans longer than that of our dogs. Because – while it is heart-breaking to watch our dogs die – it is infinitely worse for our dog to lose us. For – while our dogs are a great part of our lives – we are the whole of their’s.

    • I agree with you entirely, I am seventy three years old and was always worried that I might go before my precious Bella, but I had to let her go last May 2021, I still miss her so much, she was sixteen years old, but it’s such a heartbreaking choice, but we’ll be together one day hopefully. Thank you to your Dad for sharing those wise words xxx

  10. I just lost my 16 y/o Boston Terrier on Jan. 3rd. This totally hit home and I’m crying happy tears for the huge blessing and love Lexis brought me. I wish I could have this poem with a Boston Terrier pic. If you sell one, please let me know. Thank you.

    • vishal kushwaha

      Can you please make for me too 🥺

    • Cathy Knowlton

      I just lost my best friend in April and I cry every morning. Her name was Rose. She will never leave my heart, she changed my life for the better, and I miss every second .

  11. James Krist

    Every time see this comic, I start to cry. It reminds me of the three dogs I’ve lost: Sam (Sheltie, from a backyard breeder), Jessye (Golden from a Breeder) and Buddy (Golden Retriever rescued from GRREAT). I have also lost two cats, both Traditional Blue Point Siamese: Star and Max. They all have a deep solid place in my heart. I now have two pets, Pandora, 9 1/2 years (Traditional Blue Point Siamese, half-sister to Max) and Savannah, a very mixed breed I rescued 2 years ago. I love Pandora and Savannah very deeply. They give me so much love just for paying attention to them and, of-course, feeding them and giving them lots of treats. It is so true that dogs (and cats) make life better.


    Hi everyone. I had to share my little story. I found my little dog Gator 13 years ago. He was abandoned. I had just lost a little dog. My neighbors found Gator 2 months after my dog got hit by a car and died. The little girl said it was time I had another doggy. He was to young to even get all his shots. He just passed away Feb 13th. I found him in spare bedroom at 1:30 am. He was diagnosed with lymphoma in small intestine. I couldn’t afford surgery but even when I got the money I decided it wasn’t the best thing to do. He barely seemed sick. He was on some meds for awhile before diagnosis. He was my little person. I never had children. No husband or boyfriend for a long time. I did everything with Gator. I never went out of town unless hotels and places were pet friendly. He was 13. A chiweenie. The pain is unbearable. Every day I wonder how I’m going to make it. I knew true, unconditional love. Just this one time. I’m crying as I type this. My heart goes out to everyone who knows this pain. Thank you for the opportunity to tell my story.

    • Thank you for sharing. Your story is similar to mine. My chiweenie had just turned 14 when he passed away. My heart is forever broken.

  13. pocahontas94

    I cry every time I watch this. Every. Time.

  14. Thank you. I just came across your wonderful work and cried buckets when read the grieving tribute. 2017 was the year from HELL for me: I was arrested twice for protesting tree devastation for a un-necessary highway; my best friend & patron died of cancer & three of my five rescue dogs died within two weeks at Christmas & new Year [Strokex5 – 14year old, stomach cancer – 11yrs old, spine collapse – 11 yrs old]. It was the worst & I am only just coming good, even though I have since adopted more so we are a gang of five again. Thank you.

  15. Bob Gaines

    What a wonderful message, but I my case, I have said it 18 times in my 78 years. Maybe there will be a few more, since we foster for a Beagle rescue? When I go to the Bridge, there may be close to 20 tails waging! What a reunion! Just remembering them still brings tears.

  16. Gabrielle Peak

    This 1st one of Red and Howling’s cartoons that I saw. The grief mirrored what I was going through with the death of my only child, Elisa, on Aug. 17, 2017. Then, my min-Beagle, Zuzu Gingersnap, was killed on Dec.17,2017. It took my breath and my life away, as I knew it. These losses left me inconsolable and unsure of the path before which appeared so bleak without Elisa and Zuzu. I hope that they will greet me when it is my time to cross over to the Other Side. This cartoon is such a beautiful tribute to the love Beings have for each other. and the complexity of loss.

    • I’m so sorry for your losses! The grief of losing a child is incomprehensible sending love & strength to you

      • II am so sorry. Most Sincerely, Ann

      • Gabrielle Peak

        Thank you so much, Shelby, for your kind words. Your empathy, understanding and reaching out to me is very much appreciated. Your message helps me to heal and that it is important that I rejoin the World. We are not alone because love awaits us as we return to living.

  17. This made me tear up because it was everything I felt but I could never put into words.

  18. Kathy Bindner

    Today is one of the worst days ever…my Best friend and protector will be crossing the bridge later today..I am heartbroken! Thank you for your sweet thoughts and encouragement… ❤️

  19. Thank you so much for this. We just lost our dog and are so heart sore. This is beautiful and makes us remember him and all the joy and love he brought into our lives.

  20. Tassilo Hill

    This is your best piece of work!
    I am crying, because I miss my Tassilo, who left in February. And you describe my feelings! I am so sad!
    The owner of this wonderful bullmastiff, who let frogs sit on his toes, must have suffered so much too!

  21. Exquisite…I remembered a one-of-a-kind cat I had before my eldest son was born 17 years ago. He died three months after the birth. This brought him into my heart and mind again. Funnily enough, not the dogs I’ve loved…which is odd…then again, this cat was profoundly different to any other animal I’ve shared my life with. We had an understanding, a soul bond. Thank you for bringing him back.

  22. Oh, it is so beautiful and sad at the same moment – I am simply crying while writing it. The time which we can share with our animal friends is too short…

  23. Saying good bye is the hades part. I know your pain. I have said good bye too many tines. Yet I go back because I have so much love to share. May the memories of your pe be a blessing.

  24. Betsy Hughes

    In the space of less than a year I lost my Shadow Cat who was 20, ready to go even knew that morning she was leaving cuddled & purred till they put her to sleep while I held her. Then my dearest sweetest pound puppy Jake the rescue greyhound who stopped racing at 5 and saved me & my family one week before he was due to be executed, he made our lives special for nearly seven years before his giant heart burst & he left me in the middle of the night in my arms begging him not to go. Our beautiful tiger Harry of the golden eyes & big hugs, who thought he ran the world for 16 years & had magic healing powers till he needed them & there was none left so he had to break my heart, he didn’t want to. And when I thought I couldn’t feel sadness anymore a little girl who was much older, much sicker and more badly used than anyone thought came to us when she needed the most help & kindness to be able to die with dignity surrounded by love, that was Ma-Belle at 13 even my roughened horse doctor vet shed a tear. She was with us just over 1 week, we’d adopted her and her friend Midnight. She taught us we still had plenty of love & room in our hearts and home for any who needed us because by heck we need them. Miss you all babies every one & thank you, I am a better person because you shared your lives with me. PS: we have 5 wonderful fur babies in the family & room left over for more, there’s 5 acres here!!!!! Love to you all to all the carers out there😊😁💖💖💖💖💖💖 Betsy

  25. Just lost my collie/ blue heeler mix. He was very old. He was still playing up until 2 days before he passed. He just layed down. He drank water but that was it. I could tell he was submitting when he layed his head down to the side. I could tell he was ready. Sure enough he passed on within an hour. He died where he always loved to sleep. He had a good life. But it hurts to say goodbye. I hope he’s waiting for me.

    • He is waiting for you. He lived a wonderful life filled with all the love you gave him. He was tired. It is very painful to say good bye.

    • I am so very sorry that you lost your sweet pup. The pain is unbearable, so take time to heal, surround yourself with those who truly understand, and know that you’ll see him again. His spirit is close by always.

  26. I am so sorry. I know your pain.

  27. My dog died in his sleep last Tuesday. I have never felt pain like this before . Watching this video helps me cope and feel close to him again. Thank You

  28. Thank you for this video. I am about to go through the loss of my last rescue and she is only 10 yrs old and I can hardly stand the loss again.

    • I am so very sorry Linda. This is just horribly excruciatingly painful. I wish I could take it all away and give you many more years with your sweet rescue. Sending you much love and hugs. xoAmy

  29. I think we all have that “one” pooch. I sure as hell have. Pain like I never thought possible!

  30. Lisa thompson

    So true…. you want to hold your babe one more time. 🐾🐾

  31. Thank You.. really.. I just lost my pet yesterday and I’m feeling terrible.. 😞💔 I couldn’t do anything for my pet she got cancer without syntoms It was late when I took her to the vet… now Im so sad! Everytime I saw her bowl her toys her house! I start crying! 😭💔 and This story was really beautiful I know she is in a better place😔

    • I am so very sorry about your dear kitty. I went through this with my pup—when I’d see his blanket, a toy, I would just crumble. I was a mess for so very long. So take time to heal, take good care. Sending you much love and hugs. xo

  32. Elayne Riskin

    As I stand here crying after reading this beautiful piece, I think of my beloved cat, Maestro. About 3 weeks ago my son, Maestro’s veterinary, had to put him to sleep. He was 15 years old. If he had been human, he would be the life of the party. Sleep well my good friend.
    Until we meet again.

  33. Thank you and may God bless you always. You have touched my heart . I know like so very many people who have had to endure the loss of their “best friend” as I have, you have given to us peace in reminding us how blessed we were to share our life with each one of our beloved pets. How I miss them so…

  34. Diane Young

    Thank you from the bottom of my heart ♥️ for you beautiful, fun, loving, cartoons dedicated to all that love and adore our fur babies. They bring me great joy not only in times of sorrow but just in everyday life. I look forward to seeing each and everyone.
    Keep on keeping on!!♥️🐾😊👍🏼

  35. Cindy Kloosterman

    I was looking through Pinterest for an appropriate post today, as my faithful companion of ten years, Ocker Marley, is going to cross over very soon due to cancer in his spleen. Reading your posts and watching the videos has helped ease this transition for me. I will miss my Aussie terribly, but reading these comments has helped greatly. Thank you

    • MarezyBeatle14

      Cindy, here’s my heart! I lost 2 of my 3 girls rescue pack within 2 weeks of one another due to diseases. I myself struggle with diseases, disabled. How it hurts; had my Collie mix for 14 years, and Aussie/Beatle for 7. My remaining 13 year old and I were lost. We have a new one now — will be my last — a male, and he’s brought my 13 year old Annie to life again! We are STEWARDS! This is what we do and the goodbye part never gets easier. Blessings!

    • I am so sorry for this very hard loss in your life. They are such a huge part of our lives and I believe he was a very much loved friend and companion. He will still be a part of your life, just in a different way, and his love for you will always and forever be with you, in your heart.

      • And when I arrive at the Bridge, all brand new,
        My thoughts and my heart will still be with you.
        And I will brag to all who will hear,
        Of the person who made all my days so dear

        take heart – Faithful friends never leave us, they just run on ahead.


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