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So Tiny. So innocent. And yet…


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10 comments on “So Tiny. So innocent. And yet…

  1. AmongTrees

    Hee hee hee hee

  2. laddieluv

    .. funny..
    so true..
    ..wouldn’t have it any other way..

  3. Angie Price

    Yeah sometimes it’s me moving to another bed to make room.

  4. They do take over.

  5. OMG- burst out laughing in a public place just now. 100% my Max😍

  6. Christina McCoy

    So true! LOL!!!

  7. Ah hah – I see you have met my Bed time Bassets.

  8. Amelia Smith

    At 6.5 lbs Dexter uses about 2/3 of the Q-size bed and then growls if I accidentally brush up against him.

  9. Ri Marce LG


  10. This made me laugh out loud like a lunatic on a nyc train!! This is SO me with my pittie bed-hog!

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