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Always Room for One More (gif)

My new animated GIF, “Always Room for One More”! Share with friends via text, Facebook, twitter, and wherever GIFs are served (just search #redandhowling. You can view all of my GIFs here.

Also available as a print on my Red & Howling shop. Click here to view.


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3 comments on “Always Room for One More (gif)

  1. I love it! So sweet! I have 2 of your prints in my kitchen. I have the “antidepressants” print above the 3 pups food dishes and water bowl. Then I have the “Dogs make life better” on the wall right next to my computer. Your art is so fun and whimsical. ✌️💜🐾

  2. PERFECT cartoon because I’ve been thinking of fostering. We have a 10 yr female pittie, 2 cats and a crazy moody adopted Rat terrier. I met this lady that has a rescue non profit org for pits and I’ve been heartbroken since with pictures and stories. So thank you for this perfect cartoon. I love it!

  3. Frances Conwell

    I love this so much!

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