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Peace to All Beings (video)

I love this little illustration so much, I made it available on my shop!

Music: lovely original arrangement by my hubby, Bryan (“Ihr Kinderlein, Kommet”, a traditional German Christmas Carol)

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11 comments on “Peace to All Beings (video)

  1. Gabrielle Peak

    “Ihr Kinderlein Kommet” was my favorite Christmas Carol as a child in Austria. Just hearing it is bittersweet for the childhood memories of such a magical place like Salzburg. The cartoon video is just precious. Thank you so much for this magical creation, Amy.

  2. Anne Smyth

    Hi Amy – I love this video and would like to be able to share it as an e-card, but I can’t see where to buy it on your shop? Thanks x

    • Hi Anne, Unfortunately, it is only available as a physical card. I have not created any e-cards yet…sorry :(.

  3. This is really sweet…Merry Christmas!!!

  4. Kathy Bates

    I love this so much, Amy and Bryan!! Much love to you both and Isabelle this Christmas Season. 🥰🎄❤️

  5. Rachelle Pachtman

    RUV! Is there a way to send this on my mobile as an e-card? I am a rescue volunteer fundraiser in a huge rescue network and would love to share it with others.

    Rachelle and Birdie

    • Hi! It is only available as a physical card. I have not created any e-cards yet…sorry :(.

  6. Roberta limoli-barufaldi

    Just so heartwarming…thank you

  7. This is currently the wallpaper on my phone. Adorable! 🐶❄️💙

  8. This is lovely! That’s one of my favorite carols too. Thank you and Merry Christmas! (BTW, The cat is hilarious! LOL )

  9. sherry mangold

    After watching the impeachment hearing…your cartoon is a gentle reminder of how we should be living our lives.

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