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28 comments on “Support

  1. Terri F.

    How very precious was this cartoon. Thank you so much.

  2. Thank you for the uplifting cartoons i love them! our pets are family and friend!

  3. Sidney Bailey

    Thank you for all the wonderful pictures.. Fantastic tslent!.🐕🐈

  4. SOO cute!! SOO LUCKY are we with our furbabies!! 🐶❤️🐱❤️ THANK YOU😊

  5. Marde Moss

    Thank you…your illustrations are so heartwarming yet funny….but SO TRUE.

  6. Valerie Van Etten

    This was too funny and so true! Thanks so much for cheering us up!

  7. Terri Barrett

    Everytime I see one of your cartoons I get excited!!!! I love how they make my heart all warm and fuzzy!!! Thanks so much!!! Terri Barrett Chelsea Alabama

  8. Christina McCoy

    Marvelous! This is my everyday! They are my joy! Thank you Amy!❤️

  9. Kim Jones-Stein

    I thought all this was the “norm” !!!! 🙂

    Thank you once again Amy!

  10. Ann R Althouse Head

    Perfect❤ Thank you once again for bringing a smile to my face😊

  11. Everyone here has said it all that I would have. Be happy!!!!!!

  12. Michelle Bequette

    The best cartoon yet! I just love this, and thank you for all your fantastic art and pointed messages!! YOU are the best and your audience of fans adore you!

  13. Sandy Donahue

    As always, love your art and it’s meaning. Brings me joy. Thank you

  14. Kellie Bebo

    I think they do have private meetings about us ! 🐶🐾❤️

  15. On target! My boys exactly!

  16. I laughed out loud, seriously! 🙂 This cartoon has captured what we all have loving been going thru. Our fur babies are our support system as much as ever now! THANK YOU

  17. Gabrielle Peak

    How utterly adorable!! This describes our Beagle boy who is getting so much attention and lots of family walks. Yet, Boki is like the pupster who demands more as if he’s starved for affection! Thank you for another incredible set of hilarious cartoons.

  18. Michelle O

    My 3 girls are definitely making this time better. I take them for a walk because I know they need it. It’s just a perk that it makes me feel better also.

  19. laddieluv

    ..have no words for how
    and “smile/making”
    this is..

    ..thank you..
    as always..

  20. And I love every one of my boys pesky little habits.

  21. Stephanie McCurry

    Love this one!!! 😹

  22. Candy Cruikshank

    This is purrrfect as my Trinity just knocked over her water bowl this morning lol. I could totally see her wearing those shades too.

  23. Thanks for my morning smile!

  24. My dog is clearly a mutli-tasking Ninja, as he is doing all of these!

  25. Love these emails- how they brighten my day. They are just SO on point with what goes on at our home.
    Thank you- Thank you!

  26. Spot on, as always. Thank you

  27. I Love Thursday emails. Thanks for another smile!

  28. Sidney Bailey

    You never fail to bring a smile to my face and a happiness to start my day ! Thank you for all the ‘spot on ‘ things our fuzzy face companions bring to our life . I’m 77 and can’t remember a time in my life Without my dogs and cats. Thank you! 😷🐘


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