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Can’t Get Away With Anything

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16 comments on “Can’t Get Away With Anything

  1. Absolutely so true. They have bionic hearing, or is it smell, or both.

  2. Elizabeth De Jesus


  3. Mary Choma

    C!an’t sneak anything past my dog either.

  4. This is so true, it just needs my cat too !

  5. Sidney Bailey

    My corgi has really short legs so she hasn’t mastered the flashlight yet but if I go into the pantry she lurks at the door to look for her share. You never fail to gale me smile and make a great start to my day. Thank you again

  6. Absolutely LOVE this!

  7. Jane Slavin

    They know stuff! 🤣

  8. TOTALLY my boys & I 🤣👍😆😩

  9. Deborah A Kipp

    Oh so true.

  10. Atina R Frame

    Can’t get away with anything dogs know everything made my day thank you 😊

  11. Michelle O

    Wow ! If this isn’t all my girls. On the weekends my husband makes himself a full breakfast of eggs, hash browns, ham etc. my dogs all sit on the kitchen chairs watching him cook the entire time. If they hear the plastic wrapper of an ice cream bar they are right there. No food gets past my 3 girls.

  12. Mary Brigid Haragan

    I WISH my dogs would help monitor my eating … if ONLY.

  13. Why aren’t you sharing, Human Mommy? Why?!!

  14. Katalin H Heymann

    If the dog is one of those that is an overeater, the scenario would show both the human and the dog indulging together.😂🤣

  15. Gabrielle Peak

    This captures the spirit of children and our Pupsters!! It still has me laughing hysterically……Tee-hee-hee.


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