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12 comments on “Issues…

  1. Shannon K.

    Wow! — Just Wow! ❤

  2. Spot on sending you love and hugs my lovely understanding American friend xx

  3. Sharon Doerr I post on facebook as Sharon Wood Doerr

    Dear Amy , I love this posting. You are so understanding of our relationships with our fur animals.I will be 81 in a week and am having some memory problems. I will always remember how kind you have been to me; so if you don’t hear from me too often , don’t worry it’s just me getting OLDER. I have had to give up driving so a lot of my independence has gone. Thanks you sweet lady, I was so lucky to have been able to have an e-mail relationship with you !! love Sharon big kisses for you, your husband and your fur people. xoxoxo

  4. Perfectly said!! 🥰❤️

  5. Anne Smyth

    Ah that’s lovely, and so true! Animals have a way of helping us see everything in perspective. Thank you, Amy, for all your lovely posts xx 💕

  6. I concur with all the comments. You have a healing gift.

  7. Oh, I love this ❤️

  8. Oh, Amy, this is exactly what I needed to see. The past few weeks have been bumpy, and, as always, you “get” it. I’m going to go give my fur grand-babies some extra treats for putting up with me and showing their love. Thank you! SOOOO much! xoxoxo!

  9. Joyce Wagner

    Beautiful, I love this! Thank you!

  10. Edith Jansa

    Spot on as always. love and hugs

  11. I can relate! You made my day with this one ❤️🐶

  12. Gabrielle Peak

    Oohhh…..isn’t it the truth! 😊🐶💖🎈🎉👁🧡🐑


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