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when the action shot goes wrong/

Mad Murphy
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Ive been so busy with the boys and we found baby owls near our house so Ive been sneaking around after sunset trying to photograph them.. But actions shots.... When they go well its like WOW... 

DSCN1496 (2)   kopie


But when OH throws the ball just over you head and the dogs are focused ! its OMG......... I kept my finger on the shutter button even as I went flying 😆




Luckily a slightly twisted wrist and a very wet bum from landing in the grass flat on my back was the only damage.

Topic starter Posted : 12/06/2019 3:01 am
Griff Mom
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This cracks me up!  Hope you are okay though with your wrist.  @mad-murphy

Posted : 13/06/2019 10:48 am
Mad Murphy
Amazing Member

@Griff Mom

I know I could have just shared the good photos and pretended I was really cool and brilliant but we have to laugh at ourselves when silly things happen..

As I say I just got a very wet bum where I landed on the soggy grass and my wrist hurt a bit where I tried to save myself from falling..

The boys didnt even stop to see if I was ok they were too busy chasing each other.


Topic starter Posted : 14/06/2019 12:46 am
Fantastic Member

Those are brilliant!  I'm glad you are OK!

That first shot with Murphy and "RAWWWRRRRRRRRR!!!!!"

Posted : 15/06/2019 8:42 am

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