Happy Adopt a Senior Pet Month!!!

Senior pets are often the last to be adopted from shelters.  Seniors are indescribably precious and will fill up every corner of your heart like no other.

I have a senior pup at home, and earlier this week on my Facebook post, I asked people to share pics and stories of their own senior cuties.  I am overwhelmed with joy every time I look through the responses!  If you need an extra dose of love and cuteness for the week, I encourage you to take a look!

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5 comments on “Puppy at Heart

  1. PositiveDog

    I love the seniors. My heart is still mourning my golden retriever lost last November at 17 1/2 years old. Puppy at Heart is perfection!

  2. Laurie Hammeke

    You need to make a book of all your cartoons! I’d for sure by it, and maybe give as gifts!! I LOVE your work!

  3. Beth Young

    Thank you for promoting the seniors! I will be looking to buy this special print. More senior art please!

  4. Is Puppy at Heart one available in a print?

    • RedandHowling

      Hello Mary, I will be making this available very soon as a print :). Check the shop early December.

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