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Who’s ready to fly into Halloween?

Halloween is one of my favorite holidays, and I look forward to it so much every year, can you tell we are getting excited for Howlloween here at R&H headquarters? 🙂 – PS a big thank you to everyone who has enjoyed and shared my “Broom Ride with Friends” GIF- thanks to you, our little friends have been seen by over 12 Million people!

If you’re a Halloween devotee like me, check out my Red and HOWLlowEEn Collection on my shop. You’ll find a spooky-cute t-shirt, mugs, prints, and even my very first sticker sheet!

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2 comments on “Who’s ready to fly into Halloween?

  1. PamelaDogMom

    That reminds me of a cartoon I ran across years and years ago…’Do You Have Room on Your Broom’ too cute

  2. Gabrielle Peak

    This is my favorite “Red and Howling” cartoon ! It was the first one I saw which made me an instant and constant fan ever since. The cute faces of all the Lil Beings are too adorable to resist. The delightful, spooky music in the video and too cute for words except….I have loved Halloween ever since I can remember.

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