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My Dog: The DareDevil

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10 comments on “My Dog: The DareDevil

  1. Katalin H Heymann

    My Kissy Girl is not a daredevil. I did have a male Maltese that definitely fearless. He wasn’t afraid of anything except a great dane that was chasing his sister. Only after running up to him, to ptotect his sister, did he realize the size & turn around to run & jump on my lap. He figured out the dog may be bigger than him but he wasn’t bigger than the 2 of us together. He was absolutely correct because the dog took 1 look at my face, after looking at my Maltese on my lap, & decided we weren’t worth messing with. My little guy would try anything at least once. He was so naughty & yet such a sweet boy. Still miss him.

  2. Every time I run across this I cry like a fountain!! Though my girl~Raya~ has been gone now for a year & 6 months she is always on my mind & I like to imagine her walking with me, looking up at me the way she did… Looking to me for guidance, protecting me, loving me. I sure do still love her. This little red dog in this illustration is SO much like her!! & all of the things you say all apply to our relationship, etc. I just love it ❤ Thank You!! Someday when I have some extra money I want to get a print of it ❤ (I wish I could figure out how to post a pic of Raya here. You’d agree that it’s her!!🐕❤)

    • Tanya, I’m 2yrs 10 months on & I know ‘exactly’ how you feel ! 🥀🐕🐾💔 Soul destroying 🥺
      My best friend always. 💕🐶💞

    • Iris Davenport

      When you’re ready, think about daving another life in Raya’ name‼️🐾❣️

  3. Peter Hurlbut

    My dog is convinced that he is invincible. Hence he totally ignores traffic and only the fact that he is on a leash for walks near roads has kept him alive. And last winter he took on a raccoon twice his size who was helping himself to a “fat ball” set out for the woodpeckers, chickadees, and nuthatches (he’s a Shi-Tzu) and after 2 rounds with a little help from me (different days) the coon has decided that things are too hot around this house and has not been seen since.

  4. Jilly's Mom

    Love your cartoons. It brightens my morning when I open it from my inbox. Thank you for making me smile and for touching my heart. I love how you capture our love for our babies so perfect in your artwork. Many blessings and abundances to you always. Much Love from Hawaii.

  5. Kim Jones-Stein

    LOVE IT!

  6. Cheryl Breen

    I definitely had a trapeze artist. She always walked on the curb rather than the sidewalk!

  7. Sidney Bailey

    Deputy Fred and Sailor to a T !

  8. Gabrielle Peak

    Hilarious ! This captures my Pupster’s personality to a “T”. Once his snout dives into a hole, I have to try to make sure he doesn’t swallow anything nasty ! But…….the mouth is quicker than the eye. He usually wins.

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