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9 comments on “Ball

  1. Gabrielle Peak

    My 1 and a half year old Beagle Boy has finally learned to let go of the item that he wants us to throw. Bless his Lil Heart ! We love him so !

  2. Katalin H Heymann

    My Kissy Girl used to be obsessed with fetch. Now at 11 she prefers catch and brings the ball back 90% of the time she misses. She figured out by 6 months that the game ends if “mom has to fetch” the ball.💕🐕💕

  3. Kim Jones-Stein

    They each have their own definite personalities. I’m laughing SO hard, thank you!

  4. Sidney Bailey

    Neigh one of my corgis will play ball but my “granddog” River loves to. .

  5. With my boy Scooter, playing ‘go fetch’ was always a three step game. Step 1. I throw the ball. Step 2. He chases the ball. Step 3. I fetch the ball. And, we would repeat steps 1,2, and 3 over and over again. I would give anything to be able to play again.

  6. I love the defiant one “Never”. Reminds me of myself. 🙂

  7. ..
    ..made me smile..
    need that..

  8. Love this Doggie Group therapy❣ 8 years together and my sweet pittie Sugar hasn’t mastered this one yet lol 🤣🥰

  9. Awwww… ❤️👍🥰😆😘

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