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The Look Of Love


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13 comments on “The Look Of Love

  1. This little guy brings such joy to my heart. You give such awesome emotion to all of your animal friends Amy.

  2. Terri Fleming

    Sorry…tear up

  3. Terri Fleming

    The one thing I couldn’t protect you from was time. This is my forever favorite. I test up each time. Thank you.

  4. TOTALLY the BEST Valentines gift !!! UNCONDITIONAL 24/7/365. LOVE ALL MY FURBABIES

  5. Perfect! Thank You!

  6. Molly Matus

    Love your Cartoons!!
    Whenever I see I’ve gotten new ones on!!
    I drop everything to enjoy them !!
    Xoxo 😘❤️🐶❤️💕🐗💕😽❤️😘🐎🐮🐰😘🦄🐐🐂😘❤️💕🐽💕🐗

  7. Please make this one into a print so I can buy it!!!!

  8. Laurie Hammeke

    That’s a perfect representation of of dogs love for his human companions. Darling!!

  9. simplydiannenet

    Love your prints. They make such good gifts, especially for pet lovers!

  10. Love your cartoons/ Drawings !! ❤️💕🐶😘😽💕🐷💕🐗🐽💜⭐️

  11. Christina McCoy

    Best love there is in the whole world! 😍😍😍

  12. Joan Reynolds

    Just the best message to get this morning.

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