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Never Look Away…


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5 comments on “Never Look Away…

  1. Soooo true!!!😣

  2. Christina McCoy

    Can’t take your eyes off of them for a minute!!

  3. Oh ya so true lol 🐾

  4. Omg yes. And now bunny poop too! The bunnies invade our dog park at night. Morning comes dogs eat their poo. The bunnies eat dog poo 💩 at moonlight. Cycle of life. New weigh loss program as I 🤮 daily now.

  5. Michelle

    Oh my gosh, that is my Hannah. I have to watch her every time she goes poo. As soon as she poos she turns around ready to consume it. I actually have to yell “No Hannah, Yucky !” She looks at me thinking “What’s wrong ?” “It’s warm, right out of the oven”. She makes me laugh every time.

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