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12 comments on “Moods

  1. Christina Mccoy


  2. Wendy Wright

    Beautiful and so true x

  3. Man o man, does this sum up where I am right now. Thank God for furkids!

  4. Jana & Zoey

    Their sweet little faces. Love love love!

  5. Cayte Carlson

    I LOVE these characters! They brighten my day, and fill my heart with appreciation for my fur kids. Thank you! ❤️

  6. Veronica Peteque

    Yup, this is how i feel many times! Thank God for my fur babies!

  7. Yep, my little Maria is the only “perfect” thing in my life!!!!

  8. Exactly—the single bright spot in my life!

  9. Yep my sunshine ☀️🌞 my fur babies 🐾❌⭕️

  10. This is me today 😭 so grateful to have Max.

  11. I often telll my dogs I hate being a human and ask if they’ll make me an honorary dog. Today I fantasized about having my portrait done AS A DOG so I can hang it iwht theirs. Me as a dog, getting to be a dog with them. 🙏

  12. Sheri + 4 pups

    I’ve had ‘one of those weeks’ for sure… thankfully my pups are always happy to see me no matter how much I complain, am agitated, and just plain worn out from everyone’s chaos!

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