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12 comments on “Moods

  1. Sheri + 4 pups

    I’ve had ‘one of those weeks’ for sure… thankfully my pups are always happy to see me no matter how much I complain, am agitated, and just plain worn out from everyone’s chaos!

  2. I often telll my dogs I hate being a human and ask if they’ll make me an honorary dog. Today I fantasized about having my portrait done AS A DOG so I can hang it iwht theirs. Me as a dog, getting to be a dog with them. 🙏

  3. This is me today 😭 so grateful to have Max.

  4. Yep my sunshine ☀️🌞 my fur babies 🐾❌⭕️

  5. Exactly—the single bright spot in my life!

  6. Yep, my little Maria is the only “perfect” thing in my life!!!!

  7. Veronica Peteque

    Yup, this is how i feel many times! Thank God for my fur babies!

  8. Cayte Carlson

    I LOVE these characters! They brighten my day, and fill my heart with appreciation for my fur kids. Thank you! ❤️

  9. Jana & Zoey

    Their sweet little faces. Love love love!

  10. Man o man, does this sum up where I am right now. Thank God for furkids!

  11. Wendy Wright

    Beautiful and so true x

  12. Christina Mccoy


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