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Running With The Pack


So happy to announce that I’ve joined forces with the amazing Ireland Basinger-Baldwin ( @irelandbasingerbaldwin ) to help raise money for dogs in need! Ireland is an exceptional human being and has more dogs than anyone I know; when I told her that I’d draw her pups, I didn’t know she had TEN😂!

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Ireland Basinger-Baldwin and London

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13 comments on “Running With The Pack

  1. Christina McCoy

    Love this!!❤️❤️❤️

  2. Angie Price

    What a great collection of beautiful dogs. It looks like a happy family!


    this is the bestest!

  4. Lisa Lundgren

    Two beautiful souls helping animals! Amy and Ireland. Way to go, ladies!!

  5. eulalia mesa

    This is my favourite!!!

  6. eulalia mesa

    If there is heaven I hope it is like this

  7. Perfect After. <3

  8. Roberta Limoli

    Love this one

  9. Jana Salvatori

    A beautiful work of art and beautiful dogs!

  10. Laurie Hammeke

    Love it!❤️

  11. Absolutely fantastic!

  12. Camilla Nyman

    Just the Best !!!

  13. Christine paris

    Thank you for making the world a kinder place!
    P.S. my dogs love your cartoons too!

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