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I Know I’m Super Cute


This is Mad Murphy.  He’s the very first portrait winner on my new community🐾.  Join my community (if you’re not already a member) for a chance to win a Red & Howling portrait.

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Screen Shot 2018-10-03 at 9.59.03 PM
Red & Howling Community Member @mad-murphy

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5 comments on “I Know I’m Super Cute

  1. BuffaloMAL

    Murphy is SO BEAUTIFUL!!!!! He reminds me A LOT of our beloved departed Lucas….love and miss him so much….

  2. Erin Childs

    Adorable – both the illustration and the real-life model! <3

  3. Lisa Castelan-Svette

    Murphy is quite handsome. And I love his portrait.

  4. Sandi Stewart

    This is so cute…really what my pups would say

  5. LOVE Mad Murphy!!

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